Offensive wrinkles may not be new norm

LSU quarterback Anthony Jennings said Tuesday that certain offensive wrinkles on display during the Texas A&M game were specifically put in for the Aggies. Will they continue on into the Tigers' bowl game?

When LSU broke out the jet sweep and went more consistently to the read-option in its 23-17 win at Texas A&M on Nov. 27, the assumption from many was that the Tigers had started to turn a corner in terms of innovation and variance within the offense.

According to several LSU offensive players, most notably starting quarterback Anthony Jennings, those wrinkles were put in specifically for the Aggies and may not be a part of the Tigers' plans in the Music City Bowl versus Notre Dame on Dec. 30.

"I think that better suited us in that game," Jennings, who rushed 14 times for 119 yards in College Station, explained. "We put in wrinkles to help our running game and help our play-action game. I think the guys around us responded to that. We ran the ball very well, still have to improve on the passing game. I think that helped us to become more of a balanced offense."

Senior fullback Connor Neighbors echoed the fact that the jet sweep was mainly for A&M, but he wasn't quite as definitive about moving on from it or going back to the well in Nashville.

"It was definitely specific to that week, adding another wrinkle to our offense, but it was successful," Neighbors said. "I wouldn't be surprised if we added some more stuff and kind of tuned in on that and perfected it a little more."

Check out the video below for even more from Jennings, including his take on the offense moving forward and when a lot of the new wrinkles were installed.

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