Sights & Sounds: New LSU coaches ready to go

After the formalities and introductions, new LSU defensive coaches Kevin Steele and Ed Orgeron got down to business, sharing with TSD their plans for the Tigers' defense, how they'll defend an influx of spread teams in the SEC West and the notion of building a wall around Louisiana in recruiting.

There was plenty to discuss Wednesday afternoon in the LSU athletic administration building when Les Miles and the Tigers announced the hiring of defensive coordinator Kevin Steele and defensive line coach Ed Orgeron.

After pleasantries were exchanged on the podium, Steele and Orgeron went a little more in-depth in individual breakaway interviews.

Orgeron, who last served as interim head coach at USC to finish the 2013 season, spoke passionately about getting back into the game, back into the SEC and back into coaching in his home state.

He also addressed the notion of putting a fence around Louisiana from a recruiting standpoint, something Orgeron shies away from after proclaiming he'd build a fence around Memphis when he was the head coach at Ole Miss from 2005-07.

"Well, I learned my lesson about saying (I'll be) building fences, so I won't say anything," Orgeron explained to laughs. "But I know this: Louisiana young men basically want to go to LSU, they want to come play football here and their families love LSU. That's what I'm looking forward to.

"Obviously we've lost some young men to other schools, and hopefully we can prevent some of that happening - you're not going to prevent all of it. We're going to do the best we can to keep our young men at home."

And as good as that was, check out the video below of Steele giving yours truly (the one taking video with his phone) a tutorial on defending modern spread offenses and the type of creativity it requires.


LSU fans can also get in on the conversation. Click on the link below to join TSD's free message board thread on the introduction of two new members of the Tigers' defensive staff.

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