New LSU coaches itching to recruit

With the additions of Kevin Steele and Ed Orgeron, LSU has built one of the best recruiting staffs in the country. And those two new coaches are itching to get back on the trail

A reporter asked Les Miles whether he’d assembled a recruiting “dream team” with the additions of Ed Orgeron and Kevin Steele.

Miles laughed and said he liked the sound of that. Print up some basketball jerseys and maybe get K.J. Malone’s dad — a member of the real Dream Team — and they’ll really be on to something.

That’s the kind of anticipation fans have for the arrivals of Steele and Orgeron. Both are considered amongst the top recruiters in all of college football. Add them to recruiting coordinator Frank Wilson and the other highly successful coaches on this staff and the rest of the country better watch out.

“These two guys really put us in a position to have just an excellent recruiting staff, and there is a lot to it,” Miles said. “There is a great way that these guys have of [recruiting], and it would be sincere and real and it will be great for our staff.”

The recruiting dead period officially ends at midnight. That will set off a three-week dash until National Signing Day with the Tigers looking to solidify a class with plenty of needs to fill.

The two new assistants have already gotten off and running. The staff held a two-hour recruiting meeting prior to Wednesday’s press conference. Orgeron called it the best he’s ever seen, and the coaches have a plan laid out for where they’ll be the next few weeks.

“We’re sprinting,” Orgeron said. “We’re going to get it. We’re going to go after every top player in the country, and I don’t care if they’re committed somewhere else or not. We’re going to take our shot. I’m going to go in there and try to bring back the best players to LSU.”

Both Steele and Orgeron have extensive backgrounds when it comes to recruiting. Orgeron’s previously served as the recruiting coordinator at USC (1998-2004, 2010-13) and Tennessee (2009). Steele served as Alabama’s director of player personnel in 2013, responsible for much of the behind-the-scenes action that goes on in recruiting.

These two will team up to attract top defensive talent to Baton Rouge.

“The thing about recruiting is it's not one guy,” Steele said. “It's a team effort. It's multiple visits, different people connecting with different people, and it takes a complete family of coaches to create a family for them here and to recruit them here.”

Orgeron’s itching to get back on the recruiting trail. Despite spending 2013 out of college football, he still has familiarity with a lot of the guys on LSU’s board for the 2015 class. He even offered some of them back when he was with the Trojans.

That should help ease the transition as he reignites his relationship with these recruits. Wearing the purple and gold stands to be an advantage as well.

“You've just got to go in there with confidence, and you've got to believe in what you're representing,” Orgeron said. “I believe in LSU and I believe in the great system that they have here. I'll be excited, and it comes from the heart.”

Orgeron admitted that one particular challenge he’ll face is ensuring the best players in Louisiana don’t leave. That’s proven to be tough in the last couple years, but Orgeron knows firsthand how difficult it is for outside schools to recruit in LSU’s backyard.

“I tried myself to come to Louisiana and beat Frank on three guys,” Orgeron said. “There was no way it was going to happen.”

Both new LSU coaches will hit the ground running Thursday, and Orgeron couldn’t be more excited.

“I learned a long time ago if you want to be a great coach, you get great players,” he said. “So I'm going out to get me some great players tomorrow.

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