LSU Defenders Excited about New Coaches

LSU's defensive players look forward to working with Kevin Steele and Ed Orgeron. LB Lamar Louis and S Jalen Mills go in-depth on their expectations for the new defensive coaches

Lamar Louis:

Q: How was your first meeting with Coach Steele?

“I met with Coach Steele two days ago. It was great. We talked mostly about being a good person, being on time for classes. We’re going to have a great relationship. He talked about switching up schemes with different personnel. That’ll be huge for us if we can just get the guys locked in to learn the different schemes and be a multiple defense. That’s going to be the biggest thing for us and not be set into a 3-4 or 4-3. That’ll play into our advantage.”

Q: How might your role change in Coach Steele's scheme?

“I’ll probably have multiple positions as a linebacker. We’re going to be cross-training more than ever before. I might be the SAM, but maybe in the nickel package I’ll be playing the MONEY or the WILL. We’re going to be very multiple, and our linebackers are going to be all over the place.”

Q: Does it alleviate any concern you might've had now that you know who your defensive coordinator will be?

“As soon as I heard Coach Chavis was leaving, I wanted to know who’d be our new DC. I’m looking at articles. I’m on all the different web sites to hear the latest buzz. But as soon as I heard Coach Steele got the job, I was happy about it. I was very pleased. The first thing I did was call down here and find out when I could meet him. I’m ready to pick his brain and step up to be that leader in the linebacker room.”

Q: Have you gotten to experience the Ed Orgeron energy yet?

“I’ve been hearing the buzz about it. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to meet him yet, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about him.”

Jalen Mills:

Q: What have you heard about the two new defensive coaches?

“I know they’re pretty firey guys. They’re going to bring a lot of fire to our defense. Everybody knows the LSU defense has a lot of speed, a lot of talent. Those guys are going to help us a lot.”

Q: How reassuring is it to now have a defensive coordinator hired?

“The hard part’s over with. It’s just getting in the playbook now. Once I finally get to meet him, the first thing I’ll ask is where’s the playbook. What’s changing? I need to know so I can be more prepared. I want to already know everything once spring football comes around.”

Q: How much continuity does it provide to know that Corey Raymond isn't going anywhere?

“Coach Raymond’s been here since my freshman year. He’s taught me everything I know. He’s like another father figure to me. I can call Coach Raymond, and it doesn’t even have to be about football. It can be about girls or about a summer job I want to get. He’ll tell me if it’s good or bad. Coach Raymond staying really means a lot for me.”

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