Official visit was best for Blake Ferguson

Blake Ferguson, the nation's best long snapper, took his official visit this weekend and the trip exceeded all others he's ever made to Baton Rouge

Blake Ferguson has probably visited LSU more times than any other recruit in the 2015 class.

He’s attended every LSU game the last three years watching his brother snap for the Tigers. Factor in the countless other visits and Ferguson’s been a mainstay on the Baton Rouge campus.

But his official visit this past weekend exceeded all of them.

“It was incredible,” Ferguson said. “They treated us like kings…Getting to spend so much time with the coaches, really getting to know them on a personal level, that was my favorite part and really made the trip for me. Getting to know them more and building that relationship.”

That included getting to know the two newest additions to the coaching staff.

“I got to talk to Coach Steele and Coach Orgeron quite a bit,” Ferguson said. “I just met them Friday afternoon, and they were just talking to us like they’d known us 10 years. They’re great people, and I’m excited about them being a part of the family.”

Blake’s older brother, Reid Ferguson, served as his player host during the visit. That brought an added family element to the trip, and Blake’s eager to follow in his brother’s footsteps as the LSU long snapper.

“He’s not much different [as a recruiting host] than how he is as my brother,” Blake said. “He did an awesome job. He attended to everything I wanted to do. We just went out and had some fun, just hung out a little bit. He made it a lot of fun for me.”

The highlight of his trip came when Blake got to try on the jersey he’ll wear next season. He’ll take No. 47 in 2015 then assume the traditional No. 50 jersey once his brother graduates.

“That was a fun little experience,” he said. “That’s really the only thing that I hadn’t done. Just experiencing what it was like being an LSU Tiger is really it.”

Blake also did some recruiting this weekend. He knew most of the visitors already from past visits or at the Army game. He made sure to get in the ear of Toby Weathersby and Iman Marshall as well, players he met for the first time this weekend.

“I really got to know them, build a friendship with them,” Blake said. “I’m hoping they’ll be part of the LSU family as well and commit to us on Signing Day. I had a really good time with them and just a good time overall.”

Buford High will host a major ceremony on National Signing Day with more than a dozen players set to sign with colleges. Blake will be one of those with his LSU enrollment coming in only a few months.

Especially after this weekend, it’s all starting to sink in.

“I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time,” Blake said. “It kinda snuck up on us at the end, so it’s becoming more and more real as the days go by.”

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