Brandon Harris' HS coach slams LSU

Brandon Harris' high school coach vented some frustration with LSU during a local radio interview in Shreveport. He admits he wanted his former quarterback to transfer after last season

Brandon Harris’ high school coach tried convincing him to transfer from LSU after his freshman season.

Parkway coach David Feaster appeared Wednesday morning on the Tim Fletcher Show in Shreveport on 1130 The Tiger radio (CLICK HERE FOR FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW). He aired out some grievances with LSU regarding the way Les Miles and Cam Cameron handled Harris and the quarterbacks this past season.

“You’ve got the worst passing game in the country, and the best quarterback in the country sitting on the bench,” Feaster said. “Why don’t we even try him against Arkansas? He almost saved you against Mississippi State, did save you against New Mexico State. Why don’t we even give him a shot in some of these other games we can’t get a first down.”

Feaster said he planned to have dinner with Harris on Wednesday and that will be the first time they’ve gotten together in a few weeks. He said the last time they talked, he encouraged Harris to leave LSU, go to a junior college and try landing elsewhere.

“Please get out of there,” Feaster recalled telling Harris. “I wanted him to go to junior college. Go to a junior college, and because he’s a qualifier, he can just be there one year, leave at the midterm and restart the recruiting process all over again. And by midterm next year you can be at a better place.”

Feaster’s pleas ultimately failed, and Harris isn’t going anywhere.

“Brandon is really enjoying LSU,” Feaster said. “He’s all in for it. He’s just going to try and compete. Maybe there’ll be a different set of criteria this year on how they choose their quarterback, and maybe he’ll get a shot.”

Feaster gave the impression that the cards were stacked against Harris this year. Many reasons have been cited for why Harris didn’t get multiple chances this year, from his inability to read defenses to his lack of understanding of the playbook.

Feaster said those were “lies.”

“The stuff they’ve been saying has been lies,” Feaster said. “That he has trouble learning plays or checks, reading defenses, all that is bogus. He got there in January. They had plenty of time to go over the plays. I’ll just say that on his behalf, all that stuff is lies…

“He’s the head coach, and he plays who he wants to. I don’t want people telling me who to play at QB either. But I don’t think they should be putting out false information about Brandon to make him look bad.”

Feaster hopes 2015 proves better than 2014, and he said Harris will go into the new year with a positive outlook.

“We’re still optimistic,” Feaster said. “Brandon’s going to stay there and make the best of it. I was tickled pink when he picked LSU. I told him if he ever does get this offense going, he’ll be immortal…

“I respect Brandon for wanting to stick with it and make a go of it. I just hope he gets a fair shot.”


UPDATE: Feaster appeared later in the day Wednesday on After Further Review with Matt Moscona on ESPN 104.9 in Baton Rouge. He provided some more clarity to his previous statements, saying that Harris quickly shot down his recommendations that he transfer from LSU.

“He’s right. I’m wrong on this," Feaster said. "He definitely should stay at LSU. But I’m just so afraid, I can’t take another season like this for Brandon. If nothing changes this next year, it would just be a tremendous frustration for me. But I like his attitude…He loves everything about LSU, his team and the coaches. He’s going to try and make a go for it.”


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