Listen In: Ben on AFR (2/3)

With so much swirling around in the world of LSU sports and recruiting, TSD publisher Ben Love had plenty to talk about when joining "After Further Review" Tuesday afternoon. Of note: LSU's recruiting efforts at defensive end in 2015 and who mans that position next fall.

Another Tuesday, another appearance for TSD publisher Ben Love on “After Further Review,” hosted by Matt Moscona on ESPN Radio 104.5 FM (WNXX) in Baton Rouge.

Ben and Matt kicked around a number of topics, primarily riffing on LSU basketball and where the Tigers fit into the jumbled SEC.

They also dove into the commitment from Arden Key and debated how big a role he'll play next year at defensive end, where Tashawn Bower (pictured above) is about the only guy etched in stone at this point who will definitely play there for the Tigers.

Check it all out in the audio clip below, furnished by the folks at Guaranty Broadcasting.

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