Les Miles supports early signing period

LSU coach Les Miles wants to see an early signing period adopted in college football

LSU coach Les Miles showed full support for an early signing period Wednesday during his National Signing Day press conference.

A group of former conference reps, athletic directors and coaches recently suggested that college football adopt an early signing period that would come into effect for the 2016 class. That period would begin the third Wednesday in December. The traditional signing period starts the first Wednesday in February.

This proposal will go in front of the Conference Commissioners Association this summer for a vote.

"I think it’s the only way to go,” Miles said. “I am absolutely for it. It makes sense.”

Miles referenced this past recruiting cycle as an example. The Tigers had 13 commits by the first game of the season and 15 by the time this proposed signing period would begin. All of those players stood by his commitment and signed with LSU on Wednesday.

Miles suggested that if an early signing period had been in place, each one of those players could have made his commitment official. It would prevent other schools from bothering them, and would allow LSU to spend less of times trying to cling on to its commits.

“All those guys had taken a number of unofficial visits, been to a number of our games,” Miles said. “They saw themselves always going to be LSU Tigers. At that point in time, they were already committed, so why not give them the opportunity to sign and be committed officially?”

Miles also said an early signing period would prevent the drama that stems from decommitments, a problem that plagues the current recruiting landscape.

“That will be minimalized,” Miles said. “If a player says he’s coming, he’s got the opportunity to sign and be a part. Or he says I’ll take my official visits and go on. That’s exactly the way it should go.”

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