Player comments: LSU vs. Tulane

Rob Sale on the first LSU touchdown: "You might think all of them are going to come that easy, but not really. They don't come that easy, so you've got to work for the ones you get. They did an awesome job of getting the ball to us, Double-D (Domanick Davis), and setting us up for the score."

Ryan Clark on special teams: "If you can win tow of the three facets of the game, you're going to be good. If we work on special teams week-in and week-out, it's going to make us a better team.

Bradie James on special teams: "We thought that Tulane was going to come in thinking they could outwork us on special teams since they had already played a game, so we had more emphasis on special teams this week (in practice) because…we thought they would have an advantage over us…"

Rohan Davey on Josh Reed: "Josh is the type of receiver that you just know he's always going to be open. He runs great routes. He gets separation from the defenders realy quick and real easy. I just feel real comfortable throwing to him…"

Trev Faulk on Tulane's no-huddle: "I think it was great for us to play without being able to come into the huddle and getting out of our routine. I think the players did a really good job of handling it, and the coaches did a good job of preparing us for it the last couple of weeks. I'm just proud of the effort we gave. We did a good job of holding a potent offense down to 17 points."

Josh Reed on getting ahead early: "We knew on that first play, that if we threw the first blow and hit them real hard, we'd have a real good chance in the game. We went out there and did that."

LaBrandon Toefield on the LSU-Tulane rivalry: "There wasn't any trash talking going on, no late hits or nothing. It was just a regular old game."

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