Clyde LeFlore 'taking it day by day'

Warren Easton's Clyde LeFlore is one of Louisiana's many four-star recruits in the 2016 class, and he's still open to any and all options — including the LSU Tigers

Warren Easton standout Clyde Leflore missed a chunk of his junior season with a knee injury.

But the four-star prospect is back on the field and ready to prove himself this spring.

“I’m working harder than ever,” LeFlore said.

He blew up as a recruit after his sophomore season, teaming up with Tyron Johnson to help form a solid receiver corps at Easton. He quickly landed offers from most of the major programs in the SEC, and he’s still fielding plenty of attention.

When asked which schools are standing out to him, LeFlore provided a long list: Ole Miss, Texas Tech, Auburn, LSU, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Georgia among others.

Though LeFlore projects best as a receiver on the next level, he did say that schools are open to him playing safety as well.

“They all say I’m a tremendous athlete that can play both sides,” LeFlore said.

LSU made him one of its first WR targets in the 2016 class, and he attended “Boys from the Boot” last month. The Tigers landed Johnson in 2015, and they’d like to make another big pull from Easton in 2016.

“I’ve got a good chemistry with the LSU coaches,” LeFlore said. “Me and Frank [Wilson] get along very good.”

He’s looking forward to building a stronger relationship with new WR coach Tony Ball, who hadn’t yet been hired the last time LeFlore was on campus. But Ball did help recruit him to Georgia, so there is a budding connection there.

He said playing in-state won’t be the only determining factor in his decision.

“LSU’s a great school, it’s an awesome school,” he said. “But to be honest, I’m open to anything. If it benefits me as a player and as a man, then I’ll stay home.”

Texas A&M will also have a former teammate of his on the roster next season in Deshawn Capers-Smith.

“A&M was my first offer, so that’s close to the heart,” LeFlore said. “So I definitely still like Texas A&M.”

LeFlore’s still fielding any and all interest from schools. He has no timeframe for a decision, and isn’t in a hurry to make one.

“I’m just taking it day by day,” he said. “When I narrow things down, I just want to see what benefits me as a man and as a player.”

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