Jamal Pettigrew wants the whole Boot at LSU

Jamal Pettigrew has been committed to LSU for about two months. Though other schools continue to recruit him, Pettigrew's doing his part to make sure other top prospects join him in Baton Rouge

Louisiana has produced a Top 10 tight end nationally in three of the last four recruiting cycles — John Thomas, 2012; Desean Smith, 2013; Jacory Washington, 2014. All three signed with LSU (though Thomas never made it to Baton Rouge) but the point remains that LSU has done well to lock up the state’s best talent at that position.

That’s proving true so far again in the Class of 2016 with Jamal Pettigrew, who currently ranks No. 7 nationally as a tight end. Pettigrew committed to the Tigers back in January and remains solid with that pledge almost two months later.

“It feels great that I’m putting on for my state,” Pettigrew said. “It just feels good that I’m an LSU commit.”

Pettigrew is one of several Louisiana prospects that rank among the best in the country. He’s transformed into a recruiter for the Tigers, and did his best to show it during both junior days last month.

“I’m just trying to get more people from The Boot to commit to LSU. We’re going to take over at LSU and win some championships…It’s awesome that we have a great class. We can all go to LSU and add on to what they already have over there.”

Pettigrew said back when he committed that it was his dream to play for the Tigers. He still can’t wait for that to officially come true, and Frank Wilson has been the one to help get him even more excited.

“Me and Coach Frank have a very, very strong relationship,” Pettigrew said. “We’ve been contacting each other for about a year. He’s very close to my family growing up in Algiers, because I grew up in Algiers too. So he knows all my family.”

But Pettigrew’s commitment to LSU hasn’t stopped other schools from coming after him. He mentions Miami, Texas and USC as three schools recruiting him especially hard. Though Pettigrew remains firm with the Tigers, he hasn’t shut down the lines of communication to those other schools.

“I’m just looking for a school that’s right for me,” Pettigrew said. “If a school that I think could be right for me, I’ll talk to them.”

That being said, Pettigrew already knows that LSU is right for him, so any other school would have to show him a lot to change his mind.

But you can understand why so many would want this 6-foot-6, 225-pound tight end with an NFL pedigree. The experts say Pettigrew has a very high ceiling and is only starting to piece together his entire game.

Pettigrew knows that too and is determined to continue getting better this spring.

“I just want to improve my overall game, working on my blocking,” he said. “I still have to work on that, just using my hands to get off the line. I’m still trying to get my hands right in catching too.”

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