Coach's Corner: LSU commit Cameron Lewis

Four-star safety Cameron Lewis committed to LSU on Thursday. His coach at Wossman, Dean Smith, discusses what makes the newest Tiger so special

Wossman coach Dean Smith has spent only one season with new LSU commit Cameron Lewis. But it didn’t take long for him to realize just how special the kid is. He breaks down everything about the four-star safety in this Q&A:

Q: What is it about his skill set that makes him so promising as a safety on the next level?

“His ability to understand where the ball is in the air. Just out there playing 7-on-7, he knows if it’s a deep ball, a wobbly ball or a sharp throw over the shoulder. His projection on where the ball will land, and his coordination, you just can’t coach a kid that just knows where to go for the ball, gets it at the highest point.”

“He can flip his hips. Every time he gets the ball it’s a touchdown or a big play. I’m trying to put him in position to get more interceptions, because he will run those things back.”

Q: How do you see him fitting in best on the field in college?

“Two-high safety, roam down on a slot receiver. He can handle most of the quick guys right now. Until he gets more time with a DB coach, I wouldn’t put him on an island by himself. At some point, he could do it. But he loves coming downhill. He loves contact. He wants to hit. He wants the big play, so that should make him a great asset at LSU because those guys are aggressive.”

Q: When did you have that first “Holy Crap” moment, when you knew that Cameron was a special football player?

“The first ‘Holy Crap’ moment was when we were at LSU’s camp, and he ran a 4.3 40. But I hadn’t seen him play in a regular season game yet, and we’re down 28-7 in our first ballgame, and he goes for an 80-yard scramble to the house. Then he goes for a 65-yard scramble to the house. He just makes big play after big play, which is a pretty good thing to have here right now.”

Q: He seems like the kind of kid that will stay out of trouble. What’s he like off the field?

“I don’t even know how many parties he’s attended since I’ve been here. He’d rather go watch some film or play some 7-on-7. He likes playing with his teammates in the downtime.”

Q: He really received a lot of attention from schools in about a four-month span. How did he handle his recruitment?

“It didn’t get overwhelming. It was just so fresh right now, that it was probably best he cut it off. It was about to hit that point this summer. It was about to consume him, and that’s not the kind of kid he was. He didn’t want to get caught up in all the type, so he was ready to make his decision today and end it.”

Q: What did getting that LSU offer mean to him?

“That changed him up. That made him feel wanted, especially in his own state. It’s the biggest school in the state. Having LSU on your back is special. That was a special day for him. He wanted that opportunity to say ‘Yes’ to the LSU Tigers.”

Q: How has he been since he made the decision to attend LSU? What’s next for him?

“He wants to be a Wossman Wildcat. He’s excited about the future. He’s got [his commitment] out of the way. Now he gets to play recruiter for other high school kids. He wants to have the best class that comes through LSU. So he’ll get on the horn and talk to people about it.”

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