Postgame Q&A: Tim Quarterman

Versatile guard Tim Quarterman filled the stat sheet in LSU's opening-round NCAA Tournament loss. After the game Quarterman spoke with TSD about playing big, falling hard, a pregame elbow and the future in Baton Rouge.

PITTSBURGH – In the final game of the 2014-15 season for LSU, the Tigers started strong but couldn't deliver the knockout blow - or really much of anything at all - over the final 10 minutes, falling to NC State 66-65 in the NCAA Tournament's Round of 64.

The same can be said in some ways of sophomore guard Tim Quarterman, who lifted the team with his play over the first 30 minutes before succumbing to the slide the entire Tiger team went on in the waning moments.

Still, when the dust settled, Quarterman had accumulated arguably his second most impressive line of the campaign, paling only in comparison to his historic triple-double versus Ole Miss on Feb. 28.

Against the Wolfpack, Quarterman totaled a team-high 17 points (on 6-of-11 shooting), nine rebounds (seven offensive), seven assists and two steals in 39 minutes.

Following the disappointing loss Quarterman discussed a wide variety of topics with TSD.


Ben Love: What you guys have experienced the last two games, losing like you did against Auburn in Nashville and then tonight, have you ever been through anything like that before in your career?

Tim Quarterman: The last week and a half? No, I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. From the Auburn game, them hitting a three-point buzzer beater (to send it into overtime), to now, no, I’ve never seen that before. It’s kinda breathtaking just because the play wasn’t really designed for him [BeeJay Anya]. They drew up a play for him [Trevor Lacey] to just go, and he made a play. Hats off to him.

BL: You had a big night. What was it about the way they were playing you or their defense in general that kinda opened you up?

TQ: I just wanted to go out there and be aggressive. Coach (Johnny) Jones told me not to hold anything back this game. I was the aggressor tonight and I looked for my teammates a lot, making plays when they were available for me. I feel like we played a great game. I know nobody on the team wanted it to end like this, but you’ve got to look at the positive side of things. We’ve got a lot coming back next year.

BL: Did Darcy (Malone) accidentally elbow you in the eye before the game?

TQ: Yeah, he caught me good. He caught me real good, put that edge on me. It was the same eye (that was hit during the Auburn game). It didn’t affect me. I got it out the way. I wanted to come out aggressive, so I wasn’t really worried about anything. I’ve played through injuries most of the season, still am, so I’m not going to worry about something like that.

BL: So what's your outlook walking out of this arena and going forward?

TQ: It’s a bright future to look forward to at LSU, and I’m all about positivity. Tonight we were focused and for so long we did everything that you could possibly do in a basketball game – with our defense, we dunked the ball, we took good shots from three-pointers to lay-ups. We did everything you can do for a while, but down the stretch, sometimes it just happens like that. You’ve got to move on from it and get better.

BL: I'd never ask you to speak for anyone else, but when you talk about a bright future, do you see Jarell (Martin) and Jordan (Mickey) as a part of it next year?

TQ: Yeah, I definitely envision it with them, but if they happen to leave I know the other side of that. If that happens, I’ll be very supportive of them. They’re like brothers to me. We’ve been together for the last two years, all day around each other. They’d be very missed if they decided to take that jump, but I’m so supportive. And I know they’re going to do well because they’re warriors.

BL: There were a lot more questions than answers about you last year, and I think you know that. But after putting together the sophomore season you just did, do you think it's possible you may have to make a similar decision next offseason?

TQ: I hope so. It’s just something that’ll come for me. I don’t really look at any of that NBA this or NBA that because the NBA is not going anywhere. I came to school to get an education, so that’s first. Basketball is my passion and I love it, too, so I like to go out there and put my heart in the game.

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