Leonard Fournette 'most improved' this spring

LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron called Leonard Fournette the most improved player this spring in LSU's offense. He explains why and sheds light on the quarterbacks in this appearance on 104.5 ESPN.

An improved Leonard Fournette is a scary concept for opposing SEC coaches.

But the former five-star hasn’t just gotten better during spring practices. Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron said Wednesday that Fournette is the most improved player on LSU’s offense.

That’s almost hard to believe after Fournette ran for more than 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns in his freshman season. But the even better version of LSU’s feature back will soon be coming to a stadium near you.

“He’s like a lot of great players. They’re never satisfied. They never feel like they’ve arrived,” Cameron said while appearing on 104.5 ESPN’s Culotta and the Prince.

“He came into this spring dialed in, focused on certain things he wanted to get better at, and he’s done that. It would be hard for me to tell you that anyone other than Leonard Fournette is the most improved player on our offense…He’s a special kid, a special player. People are going to get to see a lot of Leonard Fournette in Tiger Stadium this fall.”

Fournette isn’t the only player that’s made big strides this spring, according to Cameron.

A lot of the talk Wednesday focused on his quarterbacks, while the LSU fan base continues to wonder who will start this season. Cameron didn’t speak to that competition, but he did have compliments for both.

“Maturity’s always a good thing,” Cameron said. “What teaches a guy to become a more mature quarterback is game experience. Unfortunately all those game experiences aren’t positive. But if guys are made of the right stuff, they’re going to respond, and our guys are…

Anthony Jennings, with a week to go, is having his best spring since he’s been here…His last two scrimmages have probably been the best he’s played…

Brandon Harris has gone through a transformation this spring. That maturation process, it’s learning from mistakes and from things you did well. It’s chemistry with the guys. All those things have showed themselves this spring.”

Cameron also spoke highly of two wide receivers in particular, D.J. Chark and Malachi Dupre. Chark has been a hot name this spring while he tries to emerge as more than just a reserve in his second season. Cameron also said that Dupre has made a big jump as he’s grown more comfortable with the college game.

Cameron credited a lot of that improvement to new wide receivers coach Tony Ball.

“Tony’s been a tremendous addition,” Cameron said. “Any time you hire a veteran coach with SEC experience, you know it’s going to be a plus. Everything we’re looking at offensively, now you’ve got another view…We’ve been able to tweak some things to make our offense better. He’s very detailed, very technique conscience…

“Tony Ball can come in, take that raw talent and really start to develop it. His ability to teach the fundamentals and techniques, but also bring a scheme component that fits our conference and gives us a chance to win.”

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