Q & A: Ed Paris

LSU's new starting cornerback talks with TSD about breaking into the first team, more confidence as a sophomore and special, but secret, DBU sauce.

Among the LSU players to make the biggest jumps this spring is rising sophomore cornerback Edward Paris.

The rangy 6-foot-1 defensive back – who played sparingly as a freshman in 2014, making only three tackles – has solidified a starting cornerback spot opposite Tre’Davious White.

TSD caught up with Paris to discuss a number of topics, including his growth, offseason workouts, which player has served as his mentor and more.

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Ben Love: What’s the spring experience been like for you this year compared to last year?

Ed Paris: Both springs have been extremely fun. I’m now starting with the ones, so it’s a little bit more fun, a little more competition. It’s been great really.

BL: Considering you did this last spring, you have a better feel than anyone for where Kevin Toliver is now. So how are you better prepared now to take reps with the ones and how are you a better player in general?

EP: I took full control of everything I did. So every time I got on the field with the ones, I took advantage of it – every single rep. It’s a little bit more fun just because I’m more comfortable now. I understand the scheme. I understand where I need to be, where I shouldn’t be. It’s just easier.

BL: What kind of tutelage and help did you get from the older guys to help get you ready? And which player really led the charge there?

EP: Tre’Davious (White) has helped me out tremendously, especially over the offseason. We worked out a lot. Well actually the whole DBU, as a unit, we would come to the Ops [Football Operations Building] on Sundays and go through footwork, work on certain coverages we’re going to use. Basically everybody making sure we’re on the same page.

White sprinkling DBU sauce
BL: Tell me more about these Sunday secondary workouts.

EP: I can’t give up the secret now. That’s the sauce. That’s our little saying, ‘That’s the sauce.’ You can’t give up the sauce. It’s not hot sauce. It’s DBU sauce.

BL: As far as the nickel and dime stuff, where do you think Dwayne Thomas fits into all that after not being a full go this spring?

EP: I know Dwayne is a tremendous player. He can fit in anywhere the coaches want him. When he gets 100 percent, which he’s really pretty much there already, he’s going to be a phenomenal player for us this season.

BL: Is he back quicker than you thought he’d be?

EP: He’s back on time, that’s all I’ve got to say. Everybody has time. His time is now.

BL: What other guys in the secondary fit well in the slot? And do you think you’re the type of player whose skill set would allow him to succeed there?

EP: All our DBs – and I say DBs because that’s what we are – we can all play different positions from safety to nickel to corner. I think for everybody so far, that’s how we’re trained to play. We’re trained to play every position. You see a guy like Tyrann Mathieu coming from corner go to nickel and now safety. That’s just how our DBU tradition really started and formed for us.

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