La'El Collins may sign as UDFA

La'El Collins did not get selected in the NFL Draft, but he may still sign as an undrafted free agent instead of sitting out the 2015 season.

Former LSU lineman La'el Collins went seven rounds in the NFL Draft without getting selected, concerns still lingering about his involvement in a murder investigation.

The possibility still remains that he could sign with a team as an undrafted free agent once officially cleared by the Baton Rouge Police Department. He's set to meet with them Monday, when he's expected to take a paternity test for the infant child that passed away Friday. The child's mother was shot and killed a little more than a week ago, but Collins is still not considered a suspect.

Reports late Saturday and early Sunday indicated that Collins does plan to sign with a team once cleared.

That conflicts with what his agent had been telling teams on Friday. He had reportedly given teams an ultimatum that unless Collins got picked in the second or third round, he would not sign hoping to reenter the 2016 Draft.

But Collins would have had to first been selected by a team. He could have then refused to sign and be eligible for next year's draft. But because he was not drafted, Collins becomes an undrafted free agent like any other prospect that does not get picked.

Collins will be free to sign with any team that makes him offer, and teams would likely line up to take him once all legal issues are past him. That could happen some time this week once he does meet with investigators.

Collins still won't make the amount of money he would've likely made had he been a first-round draft pick as projected. Undrafted free agents sign three-year contracts, typically making the league minimum. And all teams are subjected to a "rookie pool" that limits the amount they can spend on first-year players.

But the first step for Collins is to clear his name, and that process should start Monday.

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