Transfer could be difficult for Dee Anderson

LSU commit Dee Anderson, who was dismissed from his high school football team, may have a hard time finding a place to play this fall.

LSU commit Dee Anderson could face a stiff challenge when it comes to finding a place to play football this fall.

Anderson was dismissed from his high school team this week following a string incidents, the most recent involving a fight with a teammate. It is not expected that he'll be reinstated at West Mesquite for his senior season.

With how difficult it is to transfer from one public school in Texas to another, and the costs that come with private schools, Anderson's only option may be to tough it out at West Mesquite and miss the fall.

LSU is still sticking with Anderson as a commit in the 2016 class and is closely monitoring the situation.

TSD's Hunter Paniagua lays out all the latest information and discusses the possibilities Anderson faces moving forward:

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