Hanagriff on CWS, Hawthorne's finale at Box

Ben Love recently caught up with Charles Hanagriff of the LSU Sports Radio Network. The two talked Tigers back in Omaha, previewed TCU and Hanagriff reflected on the final call at Alex Box Stadium for Jim Hawthorne.

On Tuesday's edition of "Bumper to Bumper Sports with Ben Love" on 103.7 FM (KLWB) in Lafayette, Ben went one-on-one with Charles Hanagriff, baseball color man for the LSU Sports Radio Network and host of "Sports Today" on local Baton Rouge radio.

Hanagriff gave insight into the Tigers' first-round opponent, TCU, and shared his take on which other teams in the College World Series are capable of taking home the championship.

He also pulled the curtain back on what Sunday night was like on the broadcast next to Jim Hawthorne, tenured Voice of LSU Athletics who made his final call at Alex Box Stadium in LSU's Omaha-clinching win over Louisiana-Lafayette.

It's a fitting tribute and great perspective from Hanagriff, Hawthorne's booth partner of 14 seasons.

"It was (emotional) because it's the first of the lasts. Jim's going to go through this for the next year. This was the last game at Alex Box. Then it'll be the last game that he calls for baseball period, and I know we'll be emotional that day. Then it's the last game at Tiger Stadium. Then it's the last football game. Then it's the last game at the PMAC. And then it's the last game period, and that'll be the hardest one of all.

"Jim has been a tremendous friend and mentor to me. We were friends before we were broadcast partners. We've spent an enormous amount of time together ... We've gone through temperatures in the 20s, temperatures in the triple digits, prevailing rains, long rain delays, long road trips. I think we've spent at least one minute of every hour of the day on the road together. So it was really emotional for him and for me as well when he did his sign off. I thought it was terrific what the fans at the Box did that night. They showed a picture of him at the end, and a lot of the fans that were sticking around after the celebration really gave him a nice ovation. I know that meant a lot to him.

"I didn't prepare to say a whole lot in that game only because I know we have more games to do. When that last game comes around, though, that's going to be a hard thing. He's been doing this for so long, he's the only voice LSU baseball has ever had. Before Jim was there the baseball games weren't on the radio. It's going to be a strange thing not having Jim do games for LSU."

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