Who are the strongest LSU football players?

Strength and conditioning coordinator Tommy Moffitt ran down the strongest players on LSU's football team. Some of his answers may surprise you.

When you think strongest players on a football team, it's the big boys in the trenches that come to mind first, right?

According to LSU strength and conditioning coordinator Tommy Moffitt, that's not the case with the LSU Tigers - not this season or most others in the recent past.

"We've got some really strong guys on the team, but generally the strongest guy on the team is a mid-skill guy, like a linebacker or a fullback," Moffitt told TSD's Ben Love on Thursday. "It's still a little early to tell. Like in some of our teams, Patrick Peterson was the strongest. Michael Ford was the strongest. La'el Collins was strong, but Jeremy Hill was just as strong, maybe 20-30 pounds in total stronger than what La'el Collins was.

"Usually it's not one of the bigger guys. It's one of the more explosive and dynamic players. Our big guys are all tall, so mechanically because they have such long levers, the bar travels such a longer distance for squat or bench."

So who does Moffitt figure would take the crown on the 2015 squad?

"I would imagine right now if we were to test our team, I would think David Ducre, Leonard Fournette, Kendell Beckwith and Tashawn Bower and some of those guys would probably test out to be the strongest guys," Moffitt theorized. "Quentin Thomas would test out good, and he's a big one. But the majority of those guys are going to come from some of the middleweights."

Of course there's another incoming freshman Moffitt expects big things from in the weight room and on the field. That would be running back Derrius Guice, who played at Catholic High alongside Moffitt's sons.

"Another one I know is going to test out really well, and he's only a freshman, is Derrius Guice," continued Moffitt. "I've known Derrius for a long time. He's been friends with (my sons) Clay and Aaron for a long time, so I've heard all the stories about him. So Derrius will break a few records (in the weight room) before he leaves as well."

Listen to the full interview between Love and Moffitt below. It originally aired as part of "Bumper to Bumper Sports" on 103.7 FM (KLWB) in Lafayette.

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