Filling the rest of LSU's 2016 Class

LSU's class is filling up after the recent surge in commitments. Who are the top targets to take the remaining spots?

LSU's class currently has 17 commits and ranks No. 1 in the country. That recent coup of commits has filled the class in a hurry, and it's looking like LSU will have a serious numbers crunch once this class is winding down.

As it stands now, there would be eight spots left, though the Tigers could try and sign a 26- or 27-man class, and it's also possible that some of the current commits don't wind up in the class. That would allow some other names not on this to have a spot in the class.

But for the sake of simplicity, let's stick with eight names atop LSU's board with legitimate interest in the Tigers that could fill out the rest of LSU's 2016 class.

RB Devin White

White's the only running back LSU has recruited in this class. If they miss on him, then they probably wouldn't take one this year. But LSU has been in great shape with White since the beginning, serving as his first offer two summers ago. He knows how high a priority he is for LSU, and that's paid off to this point. The biggest threat for the Tigers is Ole Miss. Rebel commit Shea Patterson has put in work, and White's attracted to the idea of being in his backfield. But LSU has the comfort and familiarity, and they're still the team to beat at this point.

OT Willie Allen

LSU needs at least one more offensive lineman in this class, most likely a tackle. Willie Allen is the top name on the board, as he has been throughout his recruitment. He's going to be tough to land though. He's very much open to leaving Louisiana, and LSU has a lot of competition for his commitment. Ole Miss is probably the biggest threat, because like Devin White, the appeal of playing with Shea Patterson is carrying serious weight. If LSU does miss on Allen, look for Jeff Grimes to move on to the next guy on his board, it's just not evident who that is at this point, but if last year was any indication, Grimes can close with the best of them.

DT Rashard Lawrence

Lawrence was the first 2016 recruit Ed Orgeron targeted upon taking the LSU job. The five-star prospect is still one of LSU's biggest priorities, and it's looking like an LSU-Alabama battle for his commitment. He's taken multiple visits to both schools in recent months, and it's too tight to really peg a favorite at this point. But LSU fans will put their money on Coach O landing this big fish, and he's done well to secure things in the once troublesome city of Monroe. LSU already has one five-star DT committed (Ed Alexander) and they hope Lawrence is the second.

Stephon Taylor

While LSU has loaded up on pass rushers in the last few weeks, they still have a need for tackles. Lawrence is No. 1 and Taylor is right behind him. LSU also has a tight battle for his commitment with Auburn serving as the biggest threat. Having a commitment from his teammate, Clifford Chattman, is definitely going to help, but Taylor's dad lives near Auburn, and he's said that makes the Plains an attractive destination. LSU would at the very least want to get one of these two defensive tackles, but they definitely do have a shot at getting both. Not getting either one would be a pretty tough blow.

Michael Divinity

Though LSU has landed a pair of pass-rushing outside linebackers in Erick Fowler and Rahssan Thornton, LB is still a tremendous need. Divinity is LSU's best bet to fill it. He's held LSU high on his list throughout, and that's only strengthened as he's grown closer with Frank Wilson and Ed Orgeron. Texas A&M is probably the biggest threat, but LSU has a significant lead at this point, and it would be a surprise if he ends up elsewhere. He's also going to be an early enrollee, and that would be big for LSU's future at the position.

LSU will likely have to add another linebacker in this class, an inside guy the biggest need. It's hard to peg one that LSU has its best chance with though. Jeffrey McCulloch, Dontavious Jackson, Lyndell Wilson and Ben Davis are all good candidates, but LSU has ground to make up with these guys. They'll also have to take more than 25 in this class to squeeze another in, lose a commit or miss out on some of the other players on this list.

CB Kristian Fulton

Fulton has felt like the heaviest LSU lean this cycle, and that's still the case. He plans to make his commitment this summer, and LSU is a big favorite. He does still plan to take some visits in the next month or two, but those other schools would have a hard time overtaking LSU. The DB board is filling up, but Fulton's spot is guaranteed, and he won't be scared away by a deep class of defensive backs.

Trayvon Mullen

LSU feels as confident about Mullen as it does Fulton. Mullen has made several visits to Baton Rouge, most recently for last month's Bayou Picnic. Most have expected Mullen would jump aboard the class sometime this summer, and that's definitely in play. Florida State continues to make a very big push for him, and maybe they do sway him to stay in-state, but it's looking like LSU lands both Fulton and Mullen, both Top 10 corners, to this class.

S Deontay Anderson

Pegging Anderson to LSU seemed like a sure bet early this summer. Following his visit for the Bayou Picnic, most everyone considered the Tigers a heavy favorite. Now LSU has landed Eric Monroe, and that spot could likely be better spent on a linebacker. But Anderson has always known LSU wanted both he and Monroe, and that hasn't lessened his interest in the Tigers. It still looks likely that LSU can land both of the Texas safeties, but if Anderson does decide to go elsewhere, LSU would be happy to press for another linebacker to take his spot.

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