Blair: Passion, emotion akin to Hawthorne's

The next Voice of the Tigers, Chris Blair, tells TSD's Ben Love he hears some similarities between himself and legendary outgoing LSU broadcaster Jim Hawthorne.

Over the weekend LSU announced its replacement for Jim Hawthorne as Voice of the Tigers in the person of Chris Blair, currently holding a similar position at Georgia Southern University.

Blair, who will begin in December 2015 and officially take the torch during the next LSU baseball season, told TSD's Ben Love he hears some of the same traits in his calls that are on display with Hawthorne, who recently completed his 32nd year in Baton Rouge.

"I've listed to Jim for a number of years," Blair said. "He's just one of those standards you try to set and to emulate in many ways. I found it kinda enjoyable for the last couple of months, since this has been on the radar, going back and listening to clips I could find on the Internet, to realize that whether it's meant to be or coincidence, the passion and emotion you sense in some of his calls are not that different from mine."

During the live interview, first aired on "Bumper to Bumper Sports" on 103.7 FM (KLWB) in Lafayette, Blair discussed his perception of LSU's program, developed over years as a college sports consumer.

"I knew it was the most passionate fan base in the country. I was telling somebody over the weekend that when you talk to other teams in the SEC, it's real quick the place they want to go once but may not want to go again because they're wearing the visiting colors - it's LSU," explained Blair. "That's not a negative, it's just that they know that's why it's called Death Valley ... Once you cross that line into Louisiana, it's purple and gold. That doesn't matter what town you're in."

Click on the link below to listen to even more from Blair, including his takes on being "a homer" in his profession, the challenges of starting with baseball season and what the hiring committee saw in him to award him the position.

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