Jones must now replace Treloar on staff

LSU basketball is again short an assistant spot on Johnny Jones' bench after the surprise announcement that John Treloar is no longer heading to Baton Rouge.

The assistant coaching wheel will spin anew for LSU basketball head coach Johnny Jones, who must now look to replace John Treloar, no longer heading to the bayou after accepting a job with an NBA team.

TSD has confirmed a report late last night from Times-Picayune that Treloar has opted out of his job at LSU, one he accepted on April 15 and was expected to officially begin today after finishing out his time in the Phoenix Suns' organization.

LSU coach Johnny Jones said Wednesday that Treloar notified him of his decision Tuesday morning.

"He voiced that it would be best for he and his family," Jones said. "It was something we don’t disagree with."

Sans Treloar, a former LSU assistant under John Brady, Jones has four-year assistant David Patrick and the newly hired Al Pinkins left on his bench for 2015-16.

Jones has the option of sliding longtime assistant Charlie Leonard back into the role of third assistant. Leonard was expected to transition into the position of Director of Basketball Operations, backfilling for Tom Kelsey.

However, should Jones decide to leave Leonard as the new Director of Ops, he can make a brand new hire to round out his three-person coaching staff.

"That’s a bridge we’ll cross when we get to it," Jones said. "But a decision hasn’t been made in which direction I’ll choose to go yet.”

Jones added that he won't rush his decision. He said that what Pinkins has brought in his short time with the team has made him more comfortable with the current arrangement of the staff.

"He’s done a great job being on the recruiting trail, developing relationships," Jones said. "And in individual skill work, he’s shown he’s a great coach on the floor in developing players as well. We look forward to his involvement.”

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