Will prep refs in LA strike?

Amid a crazy time in Louisiana, Jerit Roser of NOLA.com fills TSD in on the latest in the growing tension between the LHSAA and LHSOA with football season fast approaching.

High school referees in Louisiana, which in some sports are among the lowest paid in the country, want a raise.

That's the origin of a rift that continues to grow with the LHSAA, whose new executive director Eddie Bonine has a potential boycott on his hands from the LHSOA as the beginning of the academic calendar year in August draws near in the state.

TSD's Ben Love discussed the situation Thursday afternoon with Jerit Roser of NOLA.com on "Bumper to Bumper Sports" on 103.7 FM (KLWB) in Lafayette.

Roser, who primarily covers prep sports, gave his outlook on the situation as well as what would actually happen if the referees do go on strike. It's an issue that would have a deep effect on more than just football season.

Click on the link below for the full audio clip.

Earlier in the week Love also got another dose of perspective on the subject from Greg Gautreaux, assignment secretary for football officials in the Lafayette area. That interview is available view the link below.

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