LSU commits impress at The Opening

Scout's experts give their impressions on these future Tigers from The Opening.

Scout's team of national recruiting analysts had rave reviews for the LSU commits at The Opening. Here are some of the things our experts had to say about these future Tigers.

"I absolutely loved [Erick Fowler] at the event. He was one of the least physically imposing guys on the defensive line, but he wowed as soon as the ball was snapped. He's explosive off the ball but is also very explosive with his hands. He's violent with them and he used that and his leverage to jolt offensive linemen much bigger than him. I'm sure he'll get a lot of Elvis Dumervil comparisons. That's who he reminded me of as soon as I saw him take reps." ---Allen Trieu

“Coming off of the edge Fowler was one of the best. He was too quick for many of the offensive tackles to slow him down. Heading in to the next level at LSU he can be a guy who puts his hand on the ground or stands up on the edge of the defense as an outside backer.” ---Greg Powers

"I had a chance to see [Saivion Smith] in 7-on-7 and he made a couple big plays including an interception. He looks like a good athlete with a lot of upside based on his natural gifts and instincts." ---Trieu

"You're seeing him against some unbelievable wide receivers. That was a true test. He's a 6-foot-2 corner. Every team covets those types of guys. He has great length. He made a beautiful play where he got beat, and he showed great makeup speed and that natural knack to knock the ball down late. The kid has it all. He's a natural playmaker. He's always around the ball making plays, just a tremendous athlete and ballhawk." ---Jamie Newberg

"[Caleb Roddy] his frame is tremendous. It will be interesting to see what he grows into. A kid of his dimensions can go a lot of ways. He looked like a five-tech to me, but I could see him growing into a full fledged tackle as well. He was solid all week, maybe not as flashy as Fowler, but a guy you noticed whenever they did 1-1s." ---Trieu

"Was not someone who was wowing people, but I wanted to watch him - he was steady, and he won his share on battles. I really like his frame and his ability to move. Can end up a big end or potentially move inside. Not super explosive, but showed ability to counter offensive linemen on their moves." ---Chad Simmons

"[Andraez Williams] had a strong performance. I thought he quietly was among the top 5-8 corners over the few days in Oregon. His length really showed and he really closed well on the ball. Still has to add strength, but he had success playing on and off coverage." ---Simmons

"[Stephen Sullivan] had a strong showing overall, but especially on Thursday during the pool play. Really caught the ball well out in front his body and showed speed to get behind the secondary. Really had a five-star like performance that day. Not as good on day two, but could push for top 50 overall." ---Simmons

"Tight end size at a growing 6'5/230, but lean and fluid enough to remain at wide receiver. Excellent body control, adjusting to the ball in the air. Great speed once he gets unwound. Nightmare one on one and red zone match up because of his size, hands and leaping ability." ---Scott Kennedy

"Not a lot to go on. [Dylan Moses] played linebacker and did well there when healthy. Missed part of Thursday with some ankle soreness, but came back in the afternoon. Was athletic and big, so to be able to run with running backs and tight ends was impressive. Nothing really helped or hurt him in my eyes." ---Simmons

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