Summer Top 50 - No. 14 Dillon Gordon

An absolute mauler of a tight end comes in at No. 14 in TSD's top 50 countdown of LSU players.

Because everyone loves to rank things, and because summer is the best time to argue and debate, TSD is spending the coming weeks through the end of July rolling out its top 50 LSU football players for the coming season.

Many are seasoned veterans and a select few are new to the roster, but all 50 Tigers figure to make an impact on the gridiron in 2015.

So we hope you enjoy this list, updated once each weekday and compiled by the TSD staff of Ben Love and Hunter Paniagua (who, naturally, had disagreements of their own along the way).

Today the countdown picks back up with a senior tight end at No. 14, the massive mauler Dillon Gordon.


Gordon will enter his third season in 2015 as LSU's starting tight end. He's an unquestioned senior leader and one of the more vocal guys on the squad. He was a consistent trash talker during the spring's Big Cat drills, and that's the kind of attitude you want from someone whose sole job is to knock opponents on their backsides.

Gordon has essentially been LSU's sixth offensive lineman for the last two seasons. Rarely used in the passing game, Gordon factors heavily in LSU's rushing attack. At almost 300 pounds, Gordon can match up with any linebacker and most defensive ends, often proving to be a monster blocker. His role may be limited, but it's absolutely pivotal in LSU's offense and few do it as well as he does.


Can Gordon really be a threat in the passing attack? LSU has often said he's rounding out his ability, but the numbers don't exactly support that. He has six career catches, and all of those came in 2013. When he's in the game, it's a pretty sure bet that LSU intends to run that ball. And if he does go out for a pass, rarely will the quarterback target him.

His NFL future may be limited unless he can add another dimension to his game. It's possible somebody may try him as an offensive lineman, but without any significant experience at that position, that would be a tall task.

Gordon has been perfect for what LSU needs, but he can take his game to another level if he becomes a legitimate option for the LSU quarterbacks.

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