Ten LSU Tidbits from SEC Media Days

Looking at the best LSU storylines, quotes from SEC Media Days.

HOOVER, Ala. – To round out the 2015 Southeastern Conference Media Days, LSU coach Les Miles, sophomore running back Leonard Fournette, junior linebacker Kendell Beckwith and senior offensive lineman Vadal Alexander met with media Thursday morning at the Hyatt Regency Wynfrey Hotel.

These are 10 biggest takeaways from Miles and his three players.

---Miles says Guice is “okay”; undergoing tests at Baton Rouge hospital

“We wish him the very best. He’s undergoing testing in a Baton Rouge hospital right now. We do not know exactly what ailment it is. As soon as I get off the plane today, I’m going to see him." ---Les Miles

---Miles unsure suspended players will return

“I don’t know at this point. Some guys are no longer with the team, and that would be Travonte Valentine and Trey [Lealaimatafao]. But the other guys are going through a legal process, and that legal process will take time. When we get information, we’ll make a decision then. I’m very optimistic that a number of those guys will return, only because I know the information...This is all about what’s going on in the legal process.” ---Les Miles

---Miles talks “legitimately better” quarterback play

“Experience isn’t something that you can just will on a guy. The good news is we have a guy [Anthony Jennings] who’s started eight games or so, and we have a guy [Brandon Harris] that’s been around it now and played through two springs and been through a fall. Our quarterback play will be better, legitimately better. There’s been some things that we’ve done to kind of script and hone to make their skills and abilities more evident. We’ll get really improved quarterback play.” ---Les Miles

---Miles says youth at quarterback, loss of juniors to NFL draft contributed to “difficult season” in 2014

“The youth at quarterback and some of the juniors that we lost may well have given us a difficult season. The loss of junior play is very significant. I don’t know how you correct it. I’ve worked hard against it. If you look at the junior class that you could've returned, you’d argue that you might be the most talented team in the country. But what we’ve done and tried to do is when we lose juniors, we’re going to recruit to that void. We’ve been pretty successful in the fact that we’ve brought some of those guys in, and they’ve played and played well.” ---Les Miles

---Fournette calls Georgia running back Nick Chubb “best running back in the SEC”

“I met Nick in high school. He’s a great person. He’s a great running back. I think he is hands-down the best running back in the SEC. I’m competing against him every day.” ---Leonard Fournette

---Fournette says quarterbacks have made “tremendous” improvement

“The reason why I admire Anthony [Jennings] so much is, even with the situation that happened, he’s still helping out Brandon. They’re both competing to win the job, and [Jennings] is willing to helping him out. That’s why I feel like both as a whole have grown.” ---Leonard Fournette

---Beckwith says John Chavis leaving was “strange” for him

“Coach Chavis was like a father figure for me. It was strange not having him there. But then with him and coach Steele being so close, they’re just like brothers. [Coach Steele] came in and filled that role well.” ---Kendell Beckwith

---Beckwith says Steele “treats him like a professional”

“He coaches me hard. He treats me like a professional. He tells me all the time to practice like a professional. Anytime I do a play and mess something up, he comes to me and says, ‘Look, man, you need to be a professional.’ That’s real special.” ---Kendell Beckwith

---Alexander “grateful” for cost of attendance stipend but isn’t overly concerned

“My mother and father raised me to appreciate what I have and be grateful. It’s a blessing just to have a scholarship. I know a lot of my friends are paying loans right now. It’s just crazy. But whether we get paid or not, I’m happy about it. Whether we get paid, I’m happy. Whether we get paid less, I’m happy too because it’s a platform to do bigger and better things with my life. Regardless, I’m grateful. I’m definitely not going to say no to more money. So, I like that.” ---Vadal Alexander

---Alexander comfortable playing any position needed on offensive line

“Wherever I’m at, I’m going to excel at, and I’m going to work my butt off. If they want me at left tackle, I’d love to play left tackle. It’s a very high-profile position, but right tackle is very important. Guard is very important. Wherever I am, I’m going to try to be the best, and that’s my plan.” ---Vadal Alexander

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