Mills: "We want it all" in 2015

LSU senior safety Jalen Mills says the Tigers are hungry and looking to get back up the mountain this season after dipping below program standards.

Echoing a theme from LSU's time at SEC Media Days, senior safety Jalen Mills told TSD's Ben Love Tuesday that the Tigers are seeking a bounce-back season to restore the program to its usual standards this millennium.

"I'm very confident with my team. I trust my teammates. I trust my coaches," Mills said on "Bumper to Bumper Sports" on 103.7 FM (KLWB) in Lafayette.

"This team, we're hungry. We know the standard has been set here for years before us and it'll be set here years after we leave. But this team right here, we're hungry and we want it all."

Mills also discussed the defense's transition this spring from coordinator John Chavis to first-year defensive boss Kevin Steele, formerly at Alabama.

"It was fun. I mean I love Chief. He was here since I first got to LSU," explained Mills. "But Coach Steele brought a lot of energy. He's more calm, like when guys were messing up, just knowing he was the new coach teaching a new scheme. He wasn't just busting everybody. He's a cool guy, and I'm pretty sure it'll be different, though, this Fall Camp now that guys know the defense."

According to Mills, Steele does plan to keep the DeSoto, Tex., native in his customary nickel role in 2015, something Mills has done dating back to his true freshman season in 2012, 39 starts ago.

"The nickel position, I've been playing it since my freshman year. I'm great at it," leveled Mills. "Coach Steele loves me at that position."

The Tiger who helped inspire Mills to want to play in the box, Tyrann Mathieu, really helped Mills along with his nickel learning curve. As Mills remembers it, the Honey Badger was a soothing influence on him from a football standpoint three years ago.

"Tyrann was like a big brother to me. When everything happened and everything kinda cooled down, during the middle of the season he gave me a call and gave me a couple of pointers of things he'd seen that I could work on," he recalled. "And he just told me to have that mindset of going out there and being relentless."

Listen to the full audio interview with Mills below for additional thoughts on safety mate Jamal Adams, new starting cornerback Edward Paris and whether Louisiana or Texas produces the best college football talent.

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