Best of Cameron, Steele at LSU Media Day

Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and defensive boss Kevin Steele sound off on their respective sides of the ball heading into the Tigers' 2015 season.

LSU coordinators Cam Cameron and Kevin Steele were made available to reporters Sunday during the program's annual Media Day.

Here were the best, most interesting and most insightful comments from the Tigers' head men on each side of the football.


On his quarterbacks in LSU's first scrimmage Saturday night ...
"Based on last night I was most pleased with how comfortable they were, their body language. It wasn't perfect by any stretch, but for a first scrimmage, it rivals the first scrimmage we had two years ago. That one was a pretty special one in most people's minds. So I thought last night was a huge plus."

Did Brandon Harris take confidence from Anthony Jennings' time out this summer?
"I think a lot of lights went on in the spring. When you can sit back and reflect on any season, especially a season that has some ups and downs, if you're the right kind of kid, the right kind of person, you're going to reflect, take it personal to a degree and let that help you grow."

On his freedom play-calling now that QBs have more experience ...
"Practice tells you that. And it's easier now to go to a young guy and say 'Okay, of these 15 things, give me the five you like the most, then give me the next five and we can do without the other five.' So of 15 things, you're not going to need all 15. When they're first coming into a system, they just have to learn. There's no way around it. You just have to give some things a chance and take some lumps in practice learning a scheme and ultimately it leads to something that helps us in a game.

"Now it's just getting more feedback from them and helping them get into the right play against the right coverage with the right front ... This year, more than anything, I think you're going to see our quarterbacks with the ability to spread the ball to backs, tight ends, receivers and not so much driven in one direction in any particular game."

Is this the year the tight ends are involved in the passing game?
"I think so. I think Desean Smith was a big part of that (last season). He got banged up early in the season. Young players tend to not respond well when they get banged up and miss practice ... But Colin Jeter has made progress. Dillon (Gordon) brings a unique role to us as a true point anchor-blocker, which those guys are like a lost art today. We've got some guys who can do both. Jacory Washington got banged up in the spring, but then he caught a touchdown last night, ran right out of the stadium and nobody caught him."


His impressions of the defense he's inherited ...
"I know this: this is a fast group of guys, a very fast group of guys. They're extremely competitive. You've just got to open the door to the cage. They'll go hunt. You don't have to get them all riled up and tell them some story. All you have to do is snap it and they'll go play. They play with great effort in everything they do and they're physical. When you've got that in this league, you've got a chance."

On pressure being about more than just sacks in his system ...
"Sacks are very valuable even in the National Football League, but affecting quarterbacks is even bigger than that. You may not get him on the ground, but if you affect him - get it out of his hand quick, give him something he's not used to seeing, change his vision, bat the ball - those things are just as important. Numbers can be skewed sometimes when you're just talking sacks."

On linebacker Duke Riley getting extra snaps this August ...
"First of all he is very, very football smart. He is a natural quarterback on the field. If you give him something, he can get them in the right play, the right check. It's easy to him in that regard. He plays comfortable. He gets himself lined up right and he knows what's coming. If you tell him when they're in this formation these are the two plays they've got, well, as soon as he sees that formation, he's telling everybody else. That comes to him naturally.

"He's really fast, has a high motor and he's a really tough guy. You put that together, and even though he's a little undersized, it's okay because with everything else, that's a pretty good package."

On if LSU will genuinely explore playing a 3-4 this season ...
"We don't have 3-4 personnel. We just talked about the linebackers and we named five. Well, in a 3-4, there's four. That's not what this was built with and it's not what it was recruited to. Having said that, people are very fond of the Mustang package around here. That is a version of a 3-4. It's run schematically the same way as a 3-4. So you can line up in a 3-4 with six DBs on the field."

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