David Ducre crazy enough to be LSU's fullback

A four-star running back out of high school, David Ducre has welcomed his move to fullback.

It takes a certain amount of insanity to play fullback in the SEC.

Hurl your body into rushing lanes with the sole intention of delivering a bone-wrenching blow to a 240-pound linebacker with little regard for your own well-being while someone else gets all the glory. That’s a job description only the craziest would accept.

David Ducre came to LSU and asked, “Where do I sign up?”

“I’m crazy enough to play fullback,” Ducre said. “I’ve always been physical, kinda reckless when I play. If it’s mine, I’m gonna go get it. If I have to go through somebody, or two people, for what I want, I’m gonna go get it.”

That mentality has positioned Ducre well to have a legitimate impact in his first season with the Tigers. He left high school a semester early as a four-star running back at almost 240 pounds. He’s still at that same weight, give or take a couple pounds, but he’s even more solid now with such density that you’d feel sorry for the linebacker meeting him at the line.

It hasn’t been a major adjustment for Ducre, but he will admit the in-the-shadows position of fullback does take some getting used to.

“I was the big man on campus [in high school],” Ducre said. “I was the one that got the ball most of the time. Now I’m learning to take a backseat role. It’s just a completely different look for me now.”

Ducre is as unselfish as they come though. Not everyone would welcome that job as warmly as he has.

He’s worked this fall as LSU’s No. 2 fullback behind John David Moore. But Ducre brings a little something extra to the position as someone with experience carrying the ball and catching it out of the backfield.

Remember Darrel Williams in 2014 often lined up as a fullback in short-yardage situations. That’s a role Ducre has assumed this fall, and could lead to meaningful plays for him in 2015.

More often than not though, Ducre will be blocking. He’ll be opening holes for Leonard Fournette, and Ducre has found happiness in making things happen for LSU’s No. 7.

“I’m not the man anymore,” Ducre said. “I’ve got to block and provide for my running back. It’s been a transition, but one for the better, because it made me a better player.”

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