Alexander says LSU rallying around Coach Cam

Senior offensive lineman Vadal Alexander discusses the LSU team's reaction to offensive coordinator Cam Cameron being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

No offseason at LSU is ever quiet these days, but more often than not the matters that arouse outside suspicion and generate noise involve players getting into trouble and doing things that can fracture the team.

The recent news in Baton Rouge this August, however, was of a much different nature, and, according to senior right tackle Vadal Alexander, has a chance to galvanize the Tigers.

Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was diagnosed with and, after receiving treatment, has survived prostate cancer.

"We didn't know exactly what was wrong," Alexander told TSD, looking back. "We just knew that he would be away for a little while. We were just praying for him and things like that, and we're glad to see he's okay now. I'm excited he's okay and ready to go."

It's a matter that does strike close to home for Alexander, a native of Buford, Ga., coming into his fourth season as a starter for the Bayou Bengals.

It's also one that the offensive team captain notes is serving as a rallying point for LSU.

"Absolutely, the offense is definitely rallying around Coach Cam," Alexander said. "We all love him, along with the rest of the team. So we definitely rally around that.

"I've had my grandmother, who had breast cancer. So I've dealt with cancer and things like that. I know how tough it can be. It's just a blessing that he's okay."

Click on the audio link below for Scout's full 1-on-1 interview with Alexander, who also touched on the offensive line swap between William Clapp and Ethan Pocic.

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