Bower: Communication Key to Stopping Dak

LSU defensive end Tashawn Bower says Tigers beat themselves last year versus Mississippi State and Dak Prescott.

A season ago LSU football laid one of its biggest eggs in Tiger Stadium this decade when it fell to quarterback Dak Prescott and Mississippi State.

The final score read 34-29, Bulldogs, but the whipping was more severe than those numbers indicate.

Dan Mullen's Cowbell Crew rang up 570 total yards on that late September night in Baton Rouge, including an absurd 302 rushing yards. Prescott accounted for 105 yards on the ground and fellow Louisiana native Josh Robinson tore off 197 yards from his running back position.

When junior defensive end Tashawn Bower looks back on the experience, he still shutters a bit, particularly at the letdowns on the Tigers' side of the ledger.

"We just had a lack of communication," Bower said bluntly. "I think the errors that went on weren't necessarily them attacking us and physically beating us. I think it was just us beating ourselves.

"We had communication errors, a lack of tackling and so many little things we didn't execute. It really cost us the game."

Now Bower and the LSU defense, led by first-year coordinator Kevin Steele and new line coach Ed Orgeron, have to pick up the pieces and game plan for Prescott in what's become a de facto season opener.

The Bayou Bengals' original 2015 debut last Saturday night versus McNeese State was cancelled due to lightning.

Bower detailed what that experience was like deep inside the bowels of Death Valley.

"At first we were really antsy to get back out there because we thought it was just one little lightning strike, so our focus was still there," he recalled. "But after an hour or so, guys kinda simmered down, put on the TV, watched some other games, made sure we were still hydrating and had some food in our system. The whole time we were anticipating to get back on the field, but we were kinda relaxed at the same time."

Who did Bower and LSU watch on the locker-room tube? The usual SEC suspects.

"We watched the A&M game, the Alabama game and I think those were the only ones," Bower said with a smirk.

Those Western Division opponents don't enter the picture - or schedule - for LSU until November. Up next is Mississippi State and Prescott late Saturday night inside Davis Wade Stadium.

And, if Bower's word is true, LSU needs to be working on talking to each other defensively this week in practice as much if not more than anything else on the physical side.

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