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Missed opportunity haunts Malachi Dupre

LSU WR Malachi Dupre looks forward to reconnecting with QB Brandon Harris.

LSU wide receiver Malachi Dupre has had trouble sleeping the last few nights.

The Tigers' fifth offensive play of the season featured their first big throw. Facing 3rd-and-10 from its own 34, LSU went three-wide with the tight end also flexed out. Dupre was in the slot, double covered pre-snap but somehow found himself wide open on a deep route.

Brandon Harris heaved it but the throw was too short and got broken up by the McNeese State defensive back. A better throw, and it would've been an easy touchdown.

Now any time Dupre tries to catch an afternoon nap or turn in for the night, his mind can't stop thinking about what could've been.

“Every time I’ve been trying to go to sleep the last few nights, I’ve been thinking about that one play," Dupre said. "But I realize in the future, we’ll have a lot of opportunities to make big plays.”

Dupre should've never been open though. McNeese had a safety playing deep and a linebacker cheating over to cover Dupre.

“They played a coverage where he wasn’t supposed to be open," Harris said. "Pre-snap, I knew he wasn’t going to be open, so I was ready to check down or extend the play."

Harris altered his progressions accordingly, assuming Dupre would never be an option. But as Harris dropped back, he saw in his peripheral vision Dupre streaking down the field unguarded.

The only problem — Dupre was already about 50 yards down-field. Harris did his best to get it there, but it never quite made it deep enough to lead Dupre into the end zone. 

Dupre doesn't blame Harris though. He blames himself for misjudging it.

“We’re definitely going to get all the kinks worked out," Dupre said. "We’re going to get some big plays this year. I’m not worried about it all.”

"Nine times out of 10," Harris added, "I’ll make that throw. It’s not a problem for me, but we have to hit that ball.”

The touchdown would've never counted even if it had been completed because Mother Nature had other plans. But with the Brandon Harris era set to officially start this weekend against Mississippi State, Dupre and all the receivers look forward to more deep balls.

That would be the best remedy for Dupre's recent insomnia.

“It just makes me want to have Saturday really bad," Dupre said. "I want it to come quick.”

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