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Les Miles won't say whether Will Clapp or Maea Teuhema will start at left guard against Auburn

Les Miles still won't say whether Maea Teuhema or Will Clapp will start at left guard against Auburn

We won't know LSU's starting left guard until they take the field Saturday against Auburn. 

Les Miles said Wednesday that it'll be either William Clapp or Maea Teuhema manning that position. If it's Clapp, that would mean Josh Boutte returns to his spot at right guard, but if it's Teuhema, Clapp move to the other side of the line.

"I like how both of them are practicing, I just want you to know that," Miles said. "They're practicing really well."

Clapp and Boutte started against Auburn, but Boutte struggled throughout the first half. LSU replaced him with Teuhema after halftime, and the freshman played the rest of the game.

Fellow linemen praised Teuhema for his performance in his first career start. 

"He was pretty smooth," said center Ethan Pocic. "He did a good job treating it like practice. He wassn't too hyped up, too low, too nervous. You know how those Tongans are, they're real chill."

Miles said after Saturday's game that Boutte needs more "seasoning" before he's fully ready. Miles maintained that same line Wednesday, implying that Boutte used to get by solely on his physical dominance but that his technique needs more work.

"Now he plays in a league where there’s nobody whose body is that dominant," Miles said. "He has to accommodate some more learning, which is fine. He’ll have a great career here. He’ll do the right things. We’re for Josh. It’s just takes some time."

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