Marx: 'Walking' a fresh mixture of LSU tales

Walking With Tigers, a new book by Pulitzer Prize winner Jeffrey Marx, provides an unconventional mixture of Tiger sports tales. Listen as Marx tells TSD's Ben Love how it came to pass.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jeffrey Marx has published a book that tells untold stories of athletes, coaches and many others connected with %%MATCH_6%% sports from generations ago to modern day.

From as far back as former Tiger turned NFL MVP Bert Jones, and even father actually, to current football tailback Leonard Fournette, Marx pulls the curtain back on these athletic icons in Louisiana off the field and court in Walking with Tigers.

On Wednesday Marx joined TSD publisher Ben Love for an extended interview on "Bumper to Bumper Sports" on 103.7 FM (KLWB) in Lafayette.

Marx went into detail about his undertaking, one that allowed him to reconnect with familiar faces in the purple-and-gold community and also meet new people that have left an imprint on the landscape.

"There are three parts to doing a project like this, I think," said Marx. "There's the research, the relationship building and the writing. The first two are my favorite parts - the relationships and the research. I love all that. That's about people, that's about learning, that's about exploring. So that's what I did most of the time."

But he wasn't interested in rehashing the greatest hits, talking on-the-field moments like Billy Cannon's Halloween night run or Warren Morris' ninth-inning tater to win the College World Series.

Marx insisted he was seeking fresh stories and as many different perspectives as he could find.

"My whole idea is I wanted a mixture," he continued. "I wanted young and old, men and women, athletes, coaches and fans. I wanted people from all the different sports. I even did one story about a sports in bar in New York City that is the LSU sports bar in New York. It's straight across the street from the Empire State Building. I went there and spent some time there to write that piece.

"I'd say it's unconventional. You might call it a little quirky as well."

Click on the link below for access to the full audio interview, in which Marx discusses profiling figures such as Jones, Fournette, Dale Brown, Stanley Roberts, Mikie Mahtook and (fellow author) John Ed Bradley.


Fans can also CLICK HERE for more information on how to get a copy of the book.

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