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LSU running back Leonard Fournette showed Auburn just how difficult it is to stop him

Leonard Fournette made an Auburn DB eat his words on another career night.

It wasn't difficult to tackle Leonard Fournette on Saturday — it was impossible.

Even Johnathan Ford must agree at this point. The Auburn defensive back provided LSU with some bulletin board material earlier in the week telling reporters that "it shouldn't be difficult" to stop LSU's star running back.

Fournette made him eat those words.

"Everybody saw what he said," Fournette said. "We took it in consideration. You can't come in our house, talk crazy and expect to come out with a W."

Fournette didn't really care about what Ford said. He only "laughed at it," saying that "words are words" and this "game's about playing." Fournette's teammates found motivation in it though.

And they didn't have to wait long for Fournette to prove Ford wrong.

Fournette took the opening play of the game 71 yards, falling only a few yards shy of the end zone. That would set the tone for what became one of the best rushing performances in LSU history. 

Fournette finished with 228 yards rushing, the seventh most single-game total ever by an LSU running back, the third highest total against an SEC team. He fell 23 yards shy of breaking the LSU single-game record Alley Broussard set in 2004.

Fournette did break his own career-high rushing total, something he's done in each of the last four games. He also now has four straight 100-plus yard games dating back to last season.

Fournette also had three touchdowns for the second straight game. He's the first LSU running back to do that in 14 years.

The numbers weren't the most impressive part though. It was the way he ran. Fournette went around, through and over any and all Auburn defenders that tried standing in his way.

"He took one of their tacklers and threw him into another tackler, and still came out the other end," said LSU coach Les Miles. "When you have a big back who can really move his feet, it can be very difficult to tackle him."

This is what Miles was referring to:

That's sohpomore safety Nick Ruffin getting tossed around like a rag doll by Fournette. And that wasn't the only example of Fournette's dominance.

Check this one out too 

There's also that one too.

The only people able to stop Fournette on Saturday were the LSU coaches. Fournette got his third touchdown of the game with about four minutes left in the third quarter, leaping over the offensive line to reach the end zone. Fournette took a hit to his knee in the process and came up a bit sore.

He never got back on the field.

"I could have [returned], but I wanted the young guys to get their first touchdown," Fournette said.

So LSU turned it over to the rest of its running back stable with Derrius Guice and Darrel Williams combining to add 96 yards to the 411 total LSU had against Auburn.

But nobody will be talking about them. This is Leonard Fournette's world, and everybody else is just living in it.

You can't ask for him to do much more than he has in the last two games. He only has 386 yards and six touchdowns.

So how can Fournette possibly keep taking his game to a new level? That's almost impossible, but Miles has a guess what that might look like.

"When he takes two guys and throws them on another guy, then that would be another level."

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