LSU WR Malachi Dupre doesn't remember his hard, head-first fall against Syracuse

Malachi Dupre somehow didn't suffer a concussion from this head-first fall.

LSU wide receiver Malachi Dupre doesn't remember anything immediately after his head hit the Carrier Dome turf.

Dupre leapt to catch a pass from Brandon Harris but had his legs undercut by a Syracuse defensive back. That flipped him upside down and his head came crashing to the ground without any chance to break his fall.

He remembers going up, but not coming down. 

"I really didn't know where I was at for a minute," Dupre said. "But I just know when I hit the ground, I didn't remember anything at all."

The last thing he remembered was catching the ball. So the first time he watched the replay, he wondered how he didn't come down with it.

It took one view for him to figure out why.

"I lost consciousness for a second," he said.

Dupre stayed down for a bit. Team trainers eventually helped him up and off to the sideline. 

That's when things started to come back into focus.

"I knew I was good once the bluriness and dizziness went away," Dupre said. "I've never had a concussion before, but I could tell what it's like for people that have severe concussions."

Dupre miraculously passed the concussion test. He answered all the questions, remembered all the facts. He got up and ran and didn't have a headache.

"The team doctors didn't even trust it because of how bad it looked," Dupre said.

But they couldn't deny the results. They gave Dupre the OK to return to the game, and he'd finish with a touchdown and team-best 73 receiving yards.

Something similar happened to him during the State Championship his junior year of high school. He got flipped and hit his head on the artificial turf.

He'll admit though that was nothing like what happened Saturday.

"It was not severe as that."

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