LSU DTs Greg Gilmore, Frank Herron credit Ed Orgeron for their increasing impact

LSU's defensive tackle rotation deeper thanks to improved Greg Gilmore, Frank Herron

LSU defensive tackle Greg Gilmore hit Syracuse with "The Icepick."

A 313-pound man spins like a top and drives his right elbow into the back of the offensive lineman to clear him out of the path to the quarterback. That's the move Gilmore used for his first career solo sack. It's also something LSU defensive line coach Ed Orgeron teaches in every practice.

And it paid off in a game.

"It’s just teaching from Coach O," Gilmore said. "You don’t understand the amount of things we do individually that transfers to the field. It’s really nothing special.”    

Frank Herron had a simliar moment the week prior. He timed the snap so perfectly he broke through the Auburn offensive line untouched, providing a clear lane to poke the ball away from Jeremy Johnson and recover the fumble.

You can credit that one to the "Get Off Drill" Orgeron puts his defensive linemen through at the end of practice, when they're the most tired. It's essentially 10 consecutive 10-yard sprints from a down stance, starting when a grad assistant snaps the "money ball."

“I want to thank Coach O for pushing me," Herron said. "He expects the best out of me. I’m playing with great confidence with him pushing me.”

Gilmore and Herron are having their best seasons to date. The two, despite being highly rated recruits, barely played in their first two years on campus.

They were passed up by a true freshman Davon Godchaux, and the coaches even preferred playing Quentin Thomas and his two torn biceps last season instead of them.

They took that to heart and vowed to improve.

“It was tough," Herron said. "I knew I had to work harder. Me and Greg made a commitment to push each other every day.”

“We told each other we have to get better," Gilmore added. "You can get passed up. It happens, and it could happen again. That’s why I told him we have to contribute to this team more.”

That's where Orgeron comes in. Herron and Gilmore got a fresh start when Orgeron replaced Brick Haley as their position coach.

Orgeron also brought with him some new techniques that would take their raw talent and turn it into actual production. The results have started to speak for themselves.

“Coach O did a great job with me," Gilmore said. "He trusted me. Each week I get better, and I’m getting more snaps. I really appreciate that from him. That’s what I want.”

The other defensive tackles appreciate it too. Godchaux and Christian Lacouture played nearly every snap in 2014. They'll admit that left them gassed on more than one occassion.

Now they can actually catch a breather when they need it.

“Our bodies are very fresh having those guys come in for us," Godchaux said. "And they’re doing a great job. There’s no dropoff.”

Gilmore and Herron won't get complacent though. They want to be more than just a flash in the pan.

They've already felt the lows. They want more of the highs.

“There’s nothing like getting a sack in Death Valley," Herron said. "It just makes you want to get more.”

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