LSU vs. Utah State: Player Comments

Erin Damond on Utah State's offense: "They started running a lot of formations we hadn't seen at first. A lot of it, we were ready for, but a lot of it we hadn't seen before."

Ryan Clark on the win: "It wasn't an easy win, but it also wasn't a nail biter. I think we should have dominated the game more that we did…but we came out with a ‘W'. That's a positive. We're 2-0 and nobody's going to remember this game if we beat Auburn."

LaBrandon Toefield on his four touchdowns: "It wasn't just me. The offensive line did a great job tonight. The tight ends, the receivers, everybody did a great job blocking even though we made a lot of mistakes. This wasn't one of our best games. We've got a lot to work on."

Bradie James on defensive performance: "We're still making mental errors and still giving up big plays. But that's why we play eleven games, because the first two games you can't expect a perfect. We're happy we found a way to win today."

Rohan Davey on offensive performance: "We started the game off pretty well but tailed off toward the end. We have a lot of things we need to improve on for next week before starting our conference play. But a win is a win, and we're happy to get the first two under out belt."

Josh Reed on team's mindset: "I don't think we were worried about next way. We had a lot of opportunities to put them away at the end, and we didn't do it. We gave them chances to get back into the game, and we were fortunate that they didn't execute and get back into the game. It was a gritty win and we're just happy to get the "W."

Robert Royal on his performance: "We looked at tape and knew they did a lot of blitzing…that left a lot of holes in the zone. It was just one of those things with the right call, where Ro just looked into the zone and found me."

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