Q&A with JaMarcus Russell

One of LSU's newest players talks about his early experience as a Tiger.

What were some of the things the coaches told you when they recruited you?
Russell: He (offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher) was really positive with me telling me I was going to get a chance to compete for the job. That he can use me in different ways, but that was about it. He never promised me I would play right away.

What was some of the reasons why you chose LSU?
Russell: It is not that far from home, it is only two hours and 45 minutes away from home. The coaches, I have only been a round them a little while, but I feel like I have known them my whole life, and we just met. And the players too. I just got here and it already feels like I have been here for four years.

Has some of the new terminology come at faster than you thought it would?
Russell: I told coach Fisher I would pick up whatever he throws at us. He throws a little at me, I'll get it. If he throws a lot at me, I'll get it. But for the most part, it has been a great time.

What is the one thing coach Fisher has gotten on you about the most?
Russell: He has gotten on me about my steps being too wide or not being wide enough. But that is not really getting on me, that is just good coaching. He is going to keep getting on you, but you take it in stride and keep getting better.

Will this be the first time you have ever not been the starting quarterback of your team and is that strange?
Russell: No this is the first time I haven't started, the first time I will have ever watched the game from the start of it from the bench. I started as a freshman, in ninth grade, 14 years old. It will definitely be something new for me.

Being around these guys (incoming freshmen), is this the best recruiting class in the country?
Russell: There is no doubt this is the best class in the country. These are a bunch of great guys and they did great things in high school and now that we are here, we are going to have to prove ourselves as being No. 1.

Who have you gotten closest to since you've been here?
Russell: All of the receivers and the backs, that is who I am with all the time.

Did Tiger Stadium have anything to do with you coming to LSU?
Russell: Yeah, it was a big thing. My stadium in high school, it only held 46,000. I played at Lad-Peebles Stadium, you know where they play the Senior Bowl in Mobile. I have played in front of a lot of people, but this will be the most I have ever been around.

Do you have any goals for yourself this year?
Russell: I want to get better and better each day and then maybe on down the line to get in the game and help win the game. Another goal is to just work hard and make myself proud.

Is the game different here than it is in high school?
Russell: It is not really different, not the game, just different schemes that they have and different defense that they throw at you. You have to pick up on a lot of things. The games does get faster and the players are a lot bigger, things like that. But that is really the only differences.

Would you be disappointed if they redshirted you?
Russell: No, not really. I wouldn't be disappointed because I am just happy to be out here. God blessed me with the talent to be out here and if He wants me to sit out, then I will do that. God has plans for everybody. If they redshirt me, they redshirt me – that gives me just another year to get better.

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