Big Baby makes big decision

Glen Davis has debated for some time now on whether football was going to be in the picture for his senior year of high school or whether he was going to focus solely on basketball.<br><br> The young man they call "Big Baby" has made his decision for now.

"He came in Monday and said he does not want to play football," said University head coach Wayne Williams. "He said his heart is not in it, but I think he has some reservations. You have to want to play this game because it is tough."

Williams will now have to replace one of his top running backs and defensive tackles. Davis (6-7, 330) is projected as an offensive tackle on the college level.

"I have strong feelings about it," Williams told "I'm selfish and I want him to play. They have filled his head with so much hot air this summer. He's not 6-foot-8 like they say. He just made 6-7 and he is not going to be able to jump any higher than he does now. Now, we have a 6-7, 330-pound hole to fill on offense and defense. I'm very disappointed, but we'll get by."

Williams has left the door open for Davis to reconsider his future but he has only a few more days to make a final decision.

"I told him if he is not on the bus when we go to Mississippi next Monday then it's not his choice anymore," said Williams. "But he's got until Monday. If he decides to play then we will have a hell of a player. But if not, then we will move on."

Davis rushed for nearly 1,000 yards as a junior on the gridiron and averaged 25 points and 15 rebounds on the hard court. The athleticism he displayed left college scouts in awe at his potential in both sports.

"Without a doubt he is a better football player as far as potential," said Williams. "He is just not experienced enough because he has only been playing a few years."

While Williams hopes Davis decides to rejoin his team, he has to have a plan for life without "Big Baby".

"We have big shoes to fill but since June we tried to prepare with him out of the picture," Williams said. "We have moved some people around and we got a couple of players eligible who were not eligible last year. We will roll the dice and see what happens."

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