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Edwin Alexander reports for camp, Anthony to join LSU in 2017

LSU, Andre Anthony's appeal was declined by the NCAA, Tigers will use an academic redshirt; Edwin Alexander reports to camp.

On Wednesday morning, 84 members of LSU’s 85 men on scholarship reported to camp.

LSU will have to wait until 2017 to haul in No. 85: Andre Anthony.

Anthony, an Edna Karr High School alumnus and Miller-McCoy transfer, has his appeal declined by the NCAA, deeming him ineligible for the fall, and will join the Tigers in the spring, Miles said. 

“We’re unhappy that Andre Anthony is not with us,” Miles said. “Here’s a guy that went to Miller-McCoy because his school district suggested he go to that school. He went to that school. He qualified by what was necessary by the NCAA. The NCAA did not accept the Miller-McCoy work. The school told all of the athletes, that if you don’t stay in school, you’ll be missing games as they were getting ready to close the school. We really feel like it is a tough deal. In a year, next spring, he’ll rejoin the team and we’ll have him from that point forward.”

To simplify: Anthony’s school work from now-defunct Miller-McCoy Academy in New Orleans was not accepted by the NCAA, Miles explained. 

In Feb. of 2015, Anthony transferred to Edna Karr after Miller-McCoy announced in December of 2014 that it would cease operation at the end of the 2014-15 school year.

After recently knowing the Miller-McCoy school work would not be accepted by the NCAA, Anthony would qualify to play if he presented a qualifying test score along with his coursework from Edna Karr, which would’ve made the 6-foot-4, 220-pound defensive lineman eligible, Miles said.

“He could have qualified another test score and used just the Karr work, and didn’t do that. He fell one point short of a qualifying test score,” Miles said. “That would have made him eligible, period. So now, without that test score, they had to use Miller-McCoy stuff. And the Miller-McCoy stuff … The principal left. The teachers that taught the classes left. There would be no gradebook and necessarily no papers and necessarily no tests. That would be very difficult to determine exactly how that course was taught. Coursework that was finished at their neighborhood school … It’s really unfortunate. Good student, good young man, look forward to getting him on our campus.”

Anthony’s completed coursework from Miller-McCoy Academy was essentially lost in the process of shutdown, thus leaving Anthony ineligible, yet on LSU’s campus for the fall.

LSU will use an academic redshirt on Anthony as he will join the Tigers after the season.

Miles, without having spoken face-to-face with Anthony yet, he said, expects the freshman will be in school at LSU this fall. 

“My guess is that he will be in school," Miles said. "He will be informed of this as we go. Certainly our people have talked to him. We made an appeal, it was declined.”

Edwin Alexander “busted his behind,” reports to camp

Edwin Alexander is a “ready-made nose tackle,” Miles said on Wednesday.

Whether he was going to be able to play the position this fall was up in the air.

Alexander, eligibly, reported to LSU’s camp Wednesday morning after nearly missing the eligibility mark with unqualified test scores.

“He busted his behind academically,” Miles said. “He did a great job.”

Now that Alexander — a 6-foot-5, 333-pound defensive lineman — is at LSU, how will the Tigers use him?

Well, he’s a horse, Miles said. A big, strong horse.

“He’s going to be very difficult to block,” he said. “You look at Rashard Lawrence, you’re looking at two ready-made nose tackles.”

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