Injuries, attrition: big news on last two-a-day

Who's in, who's out? Who's hot, who's not? <br><br> Those are the questions of the day as LSU went through their final set of two-a-day practices at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility Monday. The answers: Dwayne Bowe is in, Craig Davis and Amp Hill are out. Likewise, Adrian Mayes and Brian West are in while Vernon Russell and Tory Collins are out.

The fate of freshman wideout Amp Hill has been decided. After undergoing surgery Friday, it was learned Hill will miss most of the fall after having work done to re-attach a pair of ligaments in his right knee.


"Amp Hill did have to get his MCL and PCL re-attached, not repaired, re-attached," head coach Nick Saban said. "He is probably looking at three months before he is full throttle again. That means he is probably going to come back to the team again in November. The plan with him is he wants to go to school, he will come back to the team in November, we will work with him, work with him during bowl practice."


Another blow to the receiving corps is the temporary loss to Craig Davis.


"Buster "Craig Davis" fell on the ground trying to catch a ball, not even in seven-on-seven, he was just running a pattern," Saban said. "He dislocated his elbow or something like that and he is expected to be out two weeks maybe."


Saban added while Davis will return it is likely Hill will not be a part of the team this season.


"Our goal for him is to be a starter next year," Saban said of Hill. "Does that mean is he getting redshirted? Well, we will make that decision when the season is over. He is very disappointed, but he has a very positive attitude to re-establishing his role to be a starter next year."


What once looked as if it would be the position most affected by the incoming freshman class, the LSU receiving corps has been hit hard with problems.


"We had a promising young receivers corps and two guys, one of which is going to miss a significant amount of time of the season and another is going to miss a couple weeks here when it is critical," Saban said. "But I will say Dwayne Bowe, because of his increased reps in the last couple of practices, has really started making some plays and looks like a big-time player."


On the defensive side of things, attrition, not injuries have claimed a pair of Tigers. Defensive back Vernon Russell and defensive end Tory Collins have abruptly left the team.


"Vernon Russell decided he wanted to go somewhere he could play," Saban said. "He is a fine young man and good kid. He came from a good program and worked hard here and made a significant amount of improvement."


Collins has been AWOL for he last few days and has been categorized as a camp casualty.


"Tory Collins has missed several practices so we are assuming he is no longer on the team," Saban said. "I talked to him on several occasions and I don't know if he don't want to play football anymore or what his deal is."


Attrition is commonplace this time, however, Saban said it is disappointing to him.


"My disappointment in some of these guys is they don't have enough patience in development," Saban said. "We have guys like Eric Alexander that played on special teams for three years, Adrian Mayes has played on special teams three years that are starting now. We have lots of guys that spent two or three years trying to get on the field. I hate to see guys, that are young players who have a chance to be good players, give up on themselves, can't make themselves continue to compete and can't see the process of what it takes to be a player in college."


The Tigers' mentor wished these young players well, but said he did not agree with their decision.


"We want to help those guys do what is best for them," Saban said. "I don't always agree that running away from competition or not meeting the resistance that you have to when overcoming adversity is a healthy thing. I guess I am just old fashion, but I don't think quitting is a good thing."


To clear up one of the more confusing matters of fall camp, senior Adrian Mayes has not been moved back to defensive back despite popular rumors.


"Sometimes, Adrian Mayes works as the fifth defensive back at the "Star." Which is the same thing as the Sam linebacker in nickel," Saban said. "There is going to be times in practice where he works with the defensive backs so that he can continue to do the covering and the adjustment things he need s to do when we have five defensive backs in the game. He never got moved away from linebacker, just on occasion he will go and do individual work with the DBS, or go down there and work with them for one period."


In other news:


Former West Monroe standout Brian West is making headway as a Will linebacker. The ex Major League hurler is showing signs of being an aggressive defender and Saban said it looks as if he will play in his first year on campus.


The kickers are coming around also.

"I thought the kicking game that we were behind in early," Saban said. "I am pleased with the way the specialists have responded, of course you never know about a guy who has never been in a game before. Their confidence and their consistency has been pretty good."


Offensive impressions from the coach:

"Devery (Henderson) is getting healthy and doing some things, Skyler (Green) is able to do some things," Saban said. "Bennie is having a good camp so I think our receivers are coming together a little bit. Joseph has had a good camp at running back and our quarterback situation is starting to progress, but there is nothing new to report in terms of decisions being made of whose where and what. I think a couple of the quarterbacks have sore arms right now, basically due to overuse. That is something that will go away relatively shortly."

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