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2017 Elite 11 LSU QB commit talks summer, commitment

2017 LSU quarterback commit Myles Brennan talks his busy summer, LSU commitment + more.

For Bay St. Louis (Miss.) St. Stanislaus quarterback Myles Brennan, his Elite 11 invitation came after a lot of hard work and working out twice — once in New Orleans and once in Los Angeles — for the Elite 11 staff to extend an invitation to Portland for The Opening.

Brennan says hard work paid off for him with that invitation to Oregon.

"It was a remarkable experience. I'm just honored and grateful to be one of the quarterbacks chosen to go out and perform at the highest level of competition out there in Oregon," Brennan said. "You can definitely tell that hard works pays off being the most underrated kid that was there. I'm proud of the way I performed out there."

At the Elite 11, Brennan finished No. 2 behind likely future Alabama signal caller Tua Tagovailoa and if the two end up signing where they're committed, they'll battle for plenty of SEC West championships.

During his time in Oregon, Brennan says he learned how to lead in different ways on Team Hypercool at The Opening.

"You know, you're going in there and meeting some guys that you've never met before that you're about to be playing with for the next five or six days. That was just really special to have that relationship with not just the quarterbacks, but the team while you were out there. That was probably the biggest takeaway was coming together as a team to work together and be successful."

Elite 11 head coach Trent Dilfer said the competitor in Brennan is something he noticed whether Brennan was up or down that day.

"He loves the competition level and the way I compete. I'm always going 110 percent, non-stop, no matter what," Brennan said. "Whether it was a bad throw or anything happens, it's just so what and go on to the next play and correct the mistake. He loved the game, loved the footwork and loved the arm strength. Obviously he was proud of the way I performed up there."

This summer, Brennan worked on anticipating throws better and understanding defenses better. The Elite 11 helped tremendously with that, he said.

"Knowing what to expect with different coverages and what a defense gives us, just knowing where to go with the ball every time," the three-star said. "That level gets better with the college and the NFL speeding the game up so that's a big thing I've been trying to work on. I've always been trying to work on pocket presence, ball placement, the little things that are just as important."

Following the Elite 11 in Los Angeles, Brennan camped at LSU in June, which was a great chance to work with LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. Every visit to LSU helps the Tigers' chances of hanging onto the Mississippi quarterback.

"It was awesome. Just being out there with some of the commits that were there and just letting everyone see, for the first time, me throwing and getting to what they have for the next four or five years," Brennan said. "It was nice getting out there and just performing and getting to know the players and coaches. It just feels like home and it only gets better each and every time I go down there." 

Running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire and receiver Jhamon Ausbon were on Brennan's team at The Opening and he's developing a great relationship with them. LSU offensive line commit Saahdiq Charles is also a commit that Brennan is developing a good rapport with. All three were at LSU's barbecue in July when Brennan returned to campus.

Brennan also knows that he'll be competing with St. James quarterback Lowell Narcisse, but that'll only make them better players and teammates.

"The kids that are committed now, were just trying to build a relationship with them knowing that they'll be there," Brennan said. "It's huge. Obviously, having two quarterbacks, we both can't play at the same time, but one of us is going to have to earn a starting spot and I just know that I'm going to have to outwork him. We're going to make each other better teammates every day. Being a leader is a big part of this."

Brennan is also recruiting a few other players to LSU. Brennan's two top targets? Two five-star players in running back Cam Akers and linebacker Dylan Moses. The pitch is simple. This LSU class is going to do something special.

"It's just having those handful of guys and trying to build a relationship and trying to make it feel like home for them. This class is more special than kids committing to a school. We're trying to go win a national championship at that level," Brennan said. "The commitments that we have is more special than a few kids out there. To be a part of that, will be really special. This 2017 class can make this LSU program completely changed and I want everybody to be a part of that who has the chance to be a part of it."

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LSU is expected to do big things this year and the Tigers are set to open up the offense a little bit more. Brennan says it's only going to get better.

"Brandon Harris a three-year starter and this year is the year for them. I feel they have a great shot at it. For me, it'll keep getting better and better with the classes coming behind them and know that for years to come — and this year — I'm excited and looking forward to it."

The 6-4, 187-pound quaterback says he's got his official visit to LSU this fall, but nothing else planned as of now even with in-state Ole Miss coming hard after Brennan.

"Not that I plan. I don't know what could come up in the fall, but I don't have any official plans or regular visits planned. I have my official to LSU planned, but other than that, I don't have anything planned. You never know what could come up in the fall."

For his senior season, Brennan has one goal and that's a state championship, something that has eluded Brennan and St. Stanislaus the last couple years.

"Just looking forward to go out there and win a state championship. Obviously, that's the main goal. We've been there the last few years and fallen short so this year I feel like this is the year. We have a bunch of people returning and we're locked and loaded and just ready to get things rolling."

Once Brennan is done pursuing state championships, he's ready to pursue national championships at LSU.

Brennan is Scout's No. 27 quarterback in the country and No. 1 quarterback in Mississippi. 

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