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Scout 300 OT talks top schools, decision

2017 Scout 300 offensive tackle Adrian Ealy is nearing a decision and he broke down his top schools with Tiger Blitz.

2017 East Ascension (La.) offensive tackle Adrian Ealy had plans to release his top schools recently, but with the flooding in Louisiana, he put that on hold.

"I kind of cut it down a little bit with my birthday last week, but with the flood, I put that on hold. Right now, Oklahoma, Miami, Michigan will make it and of course, LSU being my first scholarship offer and my hometown, I keep them in mind."

Tennessee, Mississippi State, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech and Auburn are also in the mix for official visits and to make the top five.

Oklahoma though, is certainly the leader for the No. 1 offensive tackle in Louisiana. 

"That's the school I've been recruiting me the hardest. Fan wise, coaching wise, player wise, they're all hitting me up on Twitter so you know, I can see that the love is there. That's an offensive line school," Ealy said. "That's a school that talks to me everyday. I feel like I already know them. I haven't visited yet, but I've heard it's beautiful."

LSU is still on Ealy, but the Tigers have to do some things to jump back to the top of the race like LSU was in the spring.

"I grew up on them. That's my hometown team and school so I got love for LSU being my first offer," Ealy said. "I guess they need to recruit harder. I understand it. Growing up here, I get that feeling that they already assume I'm going there. I just feel like they've got to recruit me a little harder. I just feel like Oklahoma is showing me the most love."

Cam Cameron is still on Ealy and there's no doubt the Tigers feel like family for Ealy.

"He's (Cameron) my main recruiter. I talk to coach Grimes a little bit and coach Miles. It's regular talking to him (Miles). I'm best friends with both his sons. That's just like family."

Miami (Fla.) and Michigan are also making an impression on Ealy with Jim Harbuagh and Co. being the new school to the group.

"Coach Harbaugh texts me everyday. I call him and they're a school I've just now started looking into," Scout's No. 257 ranked player in the country said. "I went up for the spring last year (to Miami). Coach Richt and coach Stacey are amazing guys. I know coach Richt is going to be there for a pretty good while since he just got there. I think Miami is about to rebuild and have a really good season."

Ealy will be in attendance for Oklahoma vs. Ohio State and Tennessee vs. Alabama for official visits. The early enrollee plans to commit on Oct. 14 before East Ascension's rivalry game against St. Amant.

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After being at University Lab (La.) right on LSU's campus for three years, the 6-5, 290-pound tackle is returning to his hometown to attend East Ascension and he has high expectations.

"You can't look in the future right now, but the way the team is looking right now, I feel like we're going to have a pretty productive season. It's my first time coming back home. I had a great three years there (at University Lab), but it was a family decision for me to come home and play with the people I grew up with."

The No. 28 offensive tackle in the country could have "come in and be arrogant," his coach Darnell Lee said, but he's been the opposite.

"I know whoever is getting him is getting a great guy. He went to junior high with a lot of these guys and it's like family. He's a leader with his work ethic," Lee said.

Ealy has plans of a championship run with his team this season that has a few Division 1 prospects and some nice depth in the trenches overall.

"It's going to be pretty amazing. This group, I won a championship with them in eighth grade. This season, I want to make that run for them. It'd be pretty amazing."

Ealy had to get better at being able to go 100 percent every play and that came with better conditioning.

"My endurance and when I say that I mean I used to hit someone and just look around," Ealy told Tiger Blitz. "Now, I feel like I got that motor in me to keep moving at all times. My flexibility got way better than it was last year so that's what I've been working on."

Lee says he'll continue to refine Ealy's craft and get him more flexible, which will help the most at the next level.

"His physicality. He's still a little rough with his pass set, but once he gets his hands on you, he's fine. We've been working on his stance, getting him a flat back and his flexibility," Lee said. "On down blocks, he'll wash down the entire defensive line."

Interview from April 2016 with Ealy

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