LSU QB commit Myles Brennan talks big win, being 100% committed

Billy talked with LSU quarterback commit Myles Brennan after St. Stanislaus' (Miss.) big win over St. Paul's (Ala.) plus has highlights.

2017 Bay St. Louis (Miss.) St. Stanislaus quarterback Myles Brennan had to camp twice at The Opening to earn an Elite 11 invite and then his invitation to The Opening Finals in Oregon over the summer. Since last season's defeat at Mobile (Ala.) St. Paul's, Brennan has been working to avenge that loss. 

On Friday, Brennan and his team did just that with a 49-26 win. After the game, he said St. Paul's probably felt a lot like St. Stanislaus did last year.

“It kind of didn’t feel well going on that long bus ride home and going all the way to state and losing, it hurt. Losing big game hurts. Losing any game hurts, but the bigger the game, the more it hurts,” Brennan said. “The preparation we’ve been putting in not only for this game and the games to come is superior to none. We’ve put more preparation into these games than we’ve done ever at this program."

One of LSU's quarterback commits said that while his team is surrounded by great playmakers like Western Kentucky commit Darius Pittman and Tennessee commit Chase Rogers, said the team has grown a lot in their preparation off the field following their loss in the state championship last year.

“I’m surrounded by a great athletes. Offensively and defensively. Like you said, a lot of people will talk about me, but I’ve got to get it to them and they’ve got to do the work from there. I couldn’t be more grateful for those athletes," Scout's No. 27 quarterback said. "Always on the same page, always knowing what’s going on, that’s on the offensive side. Defensively, they made some huge stops and are always hungry and flying around.”

With St. Stanislaus' preparation, head coach Bill Conides says Brennan is one of the best quarterbacks in the country and his understanding of the offense allows them to do what they do so well.

“I’ve been preparing for these guys for three weeks. Our players and coaches prepared so well. This game meant a lot to them because of what happened last year," Conides said. “He’s a phenomenal competitor and third year in the system with what we’re trying to do. He’s a polished quarterback. He checks all the protections and run checks and he knows how to find the open receiver. I think what’s the most important thing is his escapability.” 

For the three-star quarterback, being able to apply what he learned in the offseason at the Elite 11 and The Opening was a great experience.

“It’s been huge to go out to the Elite 11 and be the underrated guy coming out of South Mississippi. No one really hears about you,” Brennan said. “To be able to go out and showcase my talents on that stage has been huge. To come out now and show people that I am one of the best, the play speaks for itself. I let my play take care of itself.”

Billy Embody - SCOUT

St. Stanislaus athletic director and junior varsity coach Stace McRaney coached Brennan when he was quarterback, cornerback and playing special teams as an eighth grader. The development of Brennan from when he was splitting time at quarterback as an eighth grader to starting as a sophomore to now are all in the little things he can do now.

“He was gritty, but rail thin. Just the physical presence and the way he can stand in the pocket and shake the rush off and keep his eyes down field," McRaney said. “Just to keep building on what he’s doing. You can tell he’s going through his progressions and not eye balling one guy. Just to do that when the game speeds up in college a lot."

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The LSU coaching staff keeps up with Brennan regularly with Cam Cameron talking to him nearly every day, but after his first game of the year, the messages flew in.

“With the whole coaching staff in general, after last game I had a message from every coach. From Les Miles to Coach Cameron to Craig to Aranda. Everyone on the coaching staff congratulated me and wished me luck for this week. It’s weekly to daily. The relationship there is huge and will only get better.”

Brennan will officially visit Sept. 17 against Mississippi State and plans to be down more. The Elite 11 finalist won’t visit any other schools and says any visit he takes, will be to LSU.

“I’m 100 percent committed and every time I go down there it feels like family more and more. It feels like home and I’m right there being two hours away. I’ll definitely be down there this fall.”

LSU's other quarterback commit for 2017, Lowell Narcisse tore his ACL the night before and announced the news on Twitter during Brennan's game on Friday. After the game, Brennan said he's excited to compete when the two are on campus, but wishes him nothing but the best.

“I was watching some and I knew he hurt it, but my thoughts and prayers to him and wish him best of luck.”

Scout's No. 1 quarterback in Mississippi and No. 11 quarterback in the South committed to LSU in April. On Friday, Tiger Blitz was there and has the analysis below, plus game clips.

The first thing that strikes you is his ability to avoid the pass rush while keeping his eyes down the field. Scout four-star defensive end Ryan Johnson was on the other side of the ball and on the first clip, you can see him run right by him. Brennan displayed leadership on the field and has a routine to the sideline, which is something that I find underrated in a quarterback. He talks with head coach Bill Conides, talks to his linemen then grabs water before returning to watch the game. As simple as it sounds, it's something he did every drive no matter the outcome. He keeps a level head no matter the situation.

On the field, Brennan didn't hit any deep balls down the field, but St. Stanislaus didn't really take any shots. Brennan was most impressive hitting the dig routes and seam posts on Friday while being patient. Outside of a bad fumble, which was a result of Brennan not tucking the ball when under pressure, Brennan had a great night with seven total touchdowns. His understanding of situations, when to throw the ball away and when to check plays was impressive. His command of the offense is impressive and will be able to translate well from his up-tempo offense at St. Stanislaus to LSU's more pro style scheme. His frame has room for additional weight and he's already 6-4. His touch and accuracy on short to intermediate throws were impressive too.

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