Schemed to Death: LSU vs. Wisconsin Postgame

Murf Baldwin breaks down LSU's loss to Wisconsin on film for Tiger Blitz subscribers.

I've stated it before, almost ad nauseam, but it bears repeating: Physicality is the great equalizer in football. 

For all the things said about LSU's matchup with the University of Wisconsin, which was usually painted with the broad brush that LSU was just too talented for the boys from Madison, not much of it was about Wisconsin's ability to be, pretty much, the Tigers of the Midwest. 

Two teams deeply rooted in Power concepts, on offense, and running virtually identical odd-front schemes, on defense, made for an uber-exciting game for those of us who are into physical, lay-you-on-the-grass-like-fertilizer pigskin. (Is it really made from pig, though?)

Check the video below for analysis in the form of a video recap. 

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