Game Clips & Analysis: 2019 LSU OL commit Kardell Thomas

Tiger Blitz was out at Southern Lab's win over West St. John and has game clips of 2019 LSU offensive line commit Kardell Thomas.

Tiger Blitz Analysis

2019 LSU offensive guard commit Kardell Thomas is by far the biggest player on the field most nights he steps on the field and Friday night against West St. John was no different. Thomas made quick work of most opponents he faced, especially in pass protection. The 6-4, 325-pound guard displayed a powerful first punch, often knocking opponents down completely.

In the run game, Thomas could open up huge holes for Southern Lab running backs to run through and often sealed those off and washed down the entire side of the line. As the game wore on, Thomas' stamina dropped a bit, but he was still able to dominate. LSU is getting a road grader on the offensive line that continues to work on staying low and staying quick on his feet to pick up pass rushers.

#70 Kardell Thomas game clips vs. West St. John


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