Players talk about "energy jolt" with Ed Orgeron as LSU head coach

LSU interim coach Ed Orgeron touched on the energy level of the team going up under his direction. Monday afternoon, his players echoed that.

It didn't take long for LSU interim coach Ed Orgeron to address that LSU football will play with more energy under his direction and things were going to be different on his watch.

"Our players are looking forward to the energy that we're going to bring. We're going to flip the strip. We're going to do things different," Orgeron said on Monday. "We're going to do things that I've done in the past to reenergize this team and the Tiger family."

When reporters were able to talk with players before the Tigers' 30-minute walk thru Monday afternoon, many including Arden Key, who Orgeron coached on a day-to-day basis as defensive line coach, echoed that.

"It's great because we know what type of guy and coach he is and what he'll bring to the team. We've been through a lot between this season and last season with a lot of negative energy coming towards us and now we get a lot of positive energy coming to the team."

The SEC sack leader said that Orgeron's energy is contagious and it's something he expects him to 

"Before the game, he be energized and I be pumped and then next thing you see, you see Coach O pumped and jumping," Key said. "Coach O is definitely the guy to do it. I know he brings a lot of energy to the defensive line group. 

Orgeron is instituting a 30-minute walk thru on Monday nights. Offensive lineman Will Clapp says that spending more time in the film room and off their feet, will only benefit the team.

"It's going to be just a new way of what we do. I've been here three years and all I've known is Les and Cam," "I've never been this excited and curious for practice. I think it's going to translate better on Saturdays. He's going to come in screaming. He's always got a smile on his face. He paid his respects to Coach Miles and then got us going."

Clapp said Orgeron's energy is something that most players might not even have.

"Dude has to have Red Bull or something. I don't even have that much energy."

When Miles left his final meeting with the team on Sunday night, Key said Orgeron came in got the team going.

"When Coach Miles came in, it was a sad, bittersweet moment. Then Coach O came in and brought a lot of energy and everybody was live. That's going to be everyday. He's going to bring in a lot of energy."

The attention to detail Orgeron has will only benefit the team down the stretch.

"He works hard, very energetic, very technique based. The smallest things like your eyes and hand placement, he's big on that."

Key touched on what new outside linebackers coach Dennis Johnson will bring to the position after being Orgeron's graduate assistant this season.

"A lot of what Coach O brings, Coach Dennis will bring to the table. I feel like Coach Dennis will bring a lot of energy to the outside linebacker and allow them to play their game and teach them different techniques."

All the work in the film room and on the practice field from the players is something Orgeron expects to transfer to the field.

"They work long and hard hours and they deserve the success and deserve the energy that our fans with bring 'em," Orgeron said. "I know that you guys want to see a great product. We plan on putting it on the field. We're going to make 'em going full speed with a lot energy and we're going to fix 'em as soon as we make 'em."

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