Tiger Bites Sept. 30: Inside Everything LSU

Come inside another edition of Tiger Bites: Inside Everything LSU with the latest on the Tigers on the recruiting trail and field.

2017 LSU WR commit talks visit, Les Miles

By: Billy Embody

2017 Crosby (Tex.) wide receiver Mannie Netherly ended up not taking his official visit to LSU for the Mississippi State game with the staff wanting him to wait on that, but the game still impressed. First thing's first though, Netherly is still firmly committed to LSU following Les Miles' firing.

"It was shocking. A reporter DM'ed me on Twitter. I didn't even know he got fired until he asked me," Netherly said. "I knew that it was going to happen, but I didn't think it was going to happen as quick as it did."


LSU coach Ed Orgeron, Dameyune Craig and Bradley Dale Peveto all contacted Netherly on Saturday night.

"They were just telling me everything is going to be alright and they still want me. They said they're going to win some more games," Netherly said.

Before Miles' firing, his visit to Mississippi State stood out to him with the atmosphere at Tiger Stadium stood out again to the four-star receiver.

"It was great. I had a blast. I started to see myself playing on the field in an LSU uniform. Every time I go up there, it feels like I'm at home," Netherly said.

Dameyune Craig, Bradley-Dale Peveto, and many of the LSU coaches all said hello to Netherly on the fvisit.

"First thing he said, he told me they'll be throwing the ball around so that's what all of them were talking about was them being happy I was back at Death Valley and they were happy to have me be a Tiger," Netherly said. 

The No. 8 receiver in Texas could see himself in LSU's offense and while things might change without Miles, the offense will likely be more open anyway.

"The offense did great. I couldn't complain about it. I even started to see a little more passing than running, but I don't care how they're doing it as long as they're getting the win," Netherly said. "I see myself making a lot of those deep catches."

The people at LSU really impressed Netherly.

"Just the people. Everybody treats everybody like family. I know that was big for me and just being back there was a great feeling. I'm glad I made that decision to go to LSU. I don't regret that at all."

The early enrollee hopes to be making plays in Houston when the Tigers play BYU to open the season next year.

"Just getting to Baton Rouge and finally being in college and finally getting the dream of playing college football," Netherly said. "I'm hoping I can come in early and make some plays as a freshman. I know the first game in 2017 is at home and I know my family would like to see me play in Houston."

Netherly said he expects his official visit to be for the South Alabama game. The Crosby product will visit Texas, Texas A&M and Utah for official visits with his visit to Utah on Oct. 8.

"It's more just to visit. I'm not changing schools. It's more because you get five free visits to go anywhere you want to feel like going so why not?"

Netherly battled a high ankle sprain earlier this year and returned to lead his team at quarterback this week.

As far as his free time, Netherly has been working K'Lavon Chaisson for his signature.

"Everybody is doing their part in the recruiting class. I'm doing my part trying to get K'Lavon and I know if we can get those two (with Marvin Wilson), I know it's big for our class."

As far as where this leaves Netherly's commitment, he's taking a wait and see approach.

"I'm still kind of firm with it, but I'm just going to weight my options out."

2017 Quarterback commit talks Miles firing, ACL recovery
Student Sports

By: Billy Embody

2017 St. James (La.) quarterback Lowell Narcisse had his senior season taken from him on opening night when he tore his ACL, ending his high school career. St. James coach Robert Valdez said it was like a funeral, but Narcisse is back to work rehabbing to get ready to get to the next level. Narcisse has already gone through one ACL recovery and is now at it again.

"I started a week after my surgery. Just basic leg lifts, weight shifts and recently I started walking on the treadmill so they're just going to add more and more as we go," Narcisse said. "You know what it takes to get back to where you want to be. Just accepting the process that you have to go through. You've got to keep a positive mind."

"It makes you more hungry, knowing that you missed your junior and senior year while watching your team have success."

Les Miles being let go LSU was shocking news for Narcisse, but he's talked to Ed Orgeron and Jabbar Juluke about the move and he got some comfort.

"I kind of told her I was going to leave it alone and look at it after the parade. I talked to coach Juluke and coach O and they reaffirmed that they wanted me to be a part of the program and lead their program. I'm just going to wait it out and I'm still committed to LSU as of now. If coaches change, we'll take it from there."

Narcisse is excited to watch LSU's offense the rest of the season, but he's also happy to have Orgeron as coach, who has built a good relationship with Narcisse from a young age and being a Louisiana native is a plus.

"Me and coach O always have a strong relationship. I remember when I was at a camp at McNeese in eighth grade and he told me I was going to be a great player," Narcisse said. "He's been in this situation before and I think he'll do a great job. His love for Louisiana. I think that the guys on the team are loving his coaching style. Someone who always lives here and is a die-hard Louisiana is good to have him be the head coach."

Orgeron as a man jokes with Narcisse, but also teaches him about life too.

"He's a good person man. He always wants me to taste his homemade gumbo. That's the first thing he always says when he sees me," Narcisse said. "A lot of things he talks about are bigger than football. He asks what your plans are when you take those cleats off. They prepare you more for life than football. Football is temporary."

Narcisse is taking the coaching change as a wait and see approach since he's busy rehabbing. 

"My main focus has been getting back ready to play ball. My health has been my main priority. Being that I have a lot of off time, I've been going around and talking to people that have been there in this situation. My main thing is to get ready and then get to college."

Miles and the entire staff had a strong relationship with Narcisse that was built from early on. Narcisse remembered his latest ACL tear and Miles' reaction.

"I had a good relationship with all the coaching staff. Coach Miles was the first one to see me in eighth grade and told me I was going to be a great quarterback," Narcisse said. "When I found out I tore my second ACL, he came and cheered me up and told me I was still going to lead Louisiana to a national championship. He always supported me in anything and everything."

St. James coach Robert Valdez said that Auburn is going to make a huge push to get their commitment from Narcisse back. You can see that Auburn is going to make that push as the staff contacted Narcisse immediately following the win over LSU and are attempting to make a push. Narcisse downplayed it.

"Auburn texted me, but there hasn't really been other schools contacting me."

Narcisse said a scheme change wouldn't ever really both Narcisse since he committed to a pro-style system at LSU and the spread at Auburn at one point.

"Not really. Ain't nothing really going to change."

Former LSU Tiger and Super Bowl champion Corey Webster has been close with Narcisse's cousin and the pair got connected a few years ago. They've been working with each other for a few years now. Narcisse said it used to be just on-field work, but now that has expanded to other areas including film study.

"Been studying coverages and studying different variations of Cover-3, Cover-4 and different kinds of things like spies for guys like me," Narcisse said. "Just basically learning the fronts of the defensive lines. I've seen a lot of man-zone blitzes and what we've been going over is a lot more NFL things. It's been great talking to a Super Bowl champion cornerback showing me all of the things they ran and that's really helped me."

His biggest lesson from Webster?

"The process of what you've got to do to get to where you want to be. You've got to sacrifice a lot to get to where you want to be."

 Having Valdez as his coach has helped him grow up as a player and a person.

"Coach Valdez has made us men. Either you're going to commit and play or you're going to quit. You can take the hard way out or you can take your stuff off and leave," Narcisse said. "I remember one of the workouts this summer, he made us run all the points we got scored on and games we lost on the levees. That's how many we had to run. He took it out on us. That's what we go through during the week."

Valdez stresses accountability and while it took a minute for Narcisse to understand it, he's come around to the structure.

"We're going to do things right and he's going to make sure of that. We got away with a lot of things and as he said we used to get away with murder," Narcisse said. "He's going to enforce some things and become physical. It prepares you for life. He gives us the hard way in everything. It's the thing we need." 

LSU hoops target updates recruitment after Bama trip
Billy Embody - SCOUT

By: Billy Embody

2017 Clinton (Miss.) big man Galin Smith took his latest trip to Alabama this past weekend and came away impressed with the Crimson Tide following the visit.

"I had a really great time. The biggest thing that stood out for me was the family atmosphere. It didn't feel like it was my first time visiting," Smith said.

The Alabama coaching staff stressed to him that Smith could be part of the change to Alabama's team.

"They were all wonderful. They just really expressed to me how I could be a main contributor to the change that coach Avery is trying to bring to Alabama basketball," Smith said.

Avery Johnson really impressed Smith and is a big reason why the Tide "definitely made a big jump in it."

"How genuine he is as well as the work him and his staff is putting in to make Alabama a powerhouse," Smith said.

Where does that leave Alabama after the visit? Smith wouldn't tip his hand.

"Well after I've taken this last visit I definitely will be able to tell, but as of now there isn't a specific one that I'm ready to put above the other," the 6-9 big man said. "Still collecting information on academics as well as athletics."

LSU and Smith still keep in contact frequently and the staff stresses a lot of the same to the Mississippi native.

"Yeah I'm still feeling really good about them too. And just that I'll be able to make an impact on a very experienced team," Smith said.

UAB gets a visit from Smith this weekend and after that visit, it could be decision time. But first, Smith has some questions he wants answered.

"Just exactly how I can fit into their system and the plan of action that they have for me academically as well."

When will that decision be? Quickly.

"It'll definitely be soon after the UAB visit."


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