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Tiger Bites: Inside Everything LSU Oct. 7

Come inside another edition of Tiger Bites: Inside Everything LSU with the latest team and recruiting news.

LSU cornerback commit isn't going anywhere

By: Patrick Engel

LSU commit Kary Vincent, Jr. got a text from defensive backs coach Corey Raymond the day after the Tigers lost to Auburn. Raymond told the four-star cornerback from Port Arthur (Texas) Memorial High School that Les Miles was fired as the team’s head coach.

“It was weird. Growing up watching, Les Miles was the only coach you know when it comes to LSU,” Vincent said. “It’s weird, not seeing him be the head of the program.”

Shortly after hearing the news, Vincent tweeted, “PSA: I’m not going anywhere #GeauxTigers” and “Much Love for Les #ForeverLSU.”

“I went out and took a stand and let them know I was firm on my commitment and I wasn’t going anywhere,” Vincent said.

Vincent also talked with fellow four-star LSU commits Jhamon Ausbon and Grant Delpit, who are also from Southeast Texas, following the news of Miles’ firing. He wanted to hear their reaction and opinion to it.

“We pretty much had the same mindset,” Vincent said. “We understand it’s a business going into this, but we weren’t committed to a coach. Me and those guys, we’re pretty firm on our commitments.”

Ausbon and Delpit visited for LSU’s win over Missouri, the first game without Miles and with Ed Orgeron as the interim head coach. 

Even with Vincent’s declaration that he’s staying firm, other coaches have been contacting him since Miles’ dismissal. Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, Texas head coach Charlie Strong and Florida State defensive coordinator Charles Kelly are among them. While Vincent admits Miles absence is a weird feeling, he feels anything but weird at LSU. It’s a big reason why he’s sticking to his pledge.

“The first time I went, just being on campus and witnessing everything from academics to housing, professors and how they help you,” Vincent said. “Even with (Les) being gone, there’s still plenty of coaches there that began my recruitment. It’s a family feeling. Baton Rouge is home for me.”

Vincent doesn’t have all the control of his commitment – the new head coach has to re-confirm his offer – but it’s highly unlikely anyone would turn away the services of a top-20 corner and top-150 player overall. It’s also possible that some of the current assistants are retained under a new head coach. Vincent expects Raymond to stick around given his pedigree.

“I believe that my coach, my position guy, is going to be there for years to come,” Vincent said. “And some of the guys they’re going after to lead our program are guys that I know well of and have recruited me already, or tried to.”

The 6-foot, 170-pound Vincent has intercepted five passes in his last four games. In a win last Friday at Nederland (Texas), he returned two interceptions for touchdowns in the first quarter.

Decision to cancel LSU-Florida right move, but will it cost Tigers?
Billy Embody - SCOUT

By: Billy Embody

It wasn't easy to do for anyone, but for the first time anyone can remember, it appears a Southeastern Conference game will be cancelled. 

"It will be very difficult. That's all I'm going to say right now. It's going to require serious changing of schedules," LSU athletic director Joe Alleva said on 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge on Friday morning. 

On Thursday night at Alleva's and Ed Orgeron's post-practice press conference, Alleva said that LSU did whatever they could to make this game happen. Still, Florida wanted the game to be played in Gainesville and did not take LSU's offer to move to Baton Rouge.

"We offered to fly in there Sunday morning, play the game and fly back Sunday night. We offered the opportunity for them to come here Saturday or Sunday to play the game. We made every opportunity to play it," Alleva said. "Ultimately, the decision was made by the league office and we respect that. I have to -- you know, we have to respect safety. You have to respect Florida's concern about safety and travel."

With the game looking like it won't be played, if LSU were to win out and another one-loss SEC team in conference play were to be in the west like Alabama or Texas A&M, LSU would not be headed to Atlanta even if the Tigers held the head-to-head tiebreaker. Alleva said that's something that the SEC needs to look at.

"I think it's (special vote) is something we're going to have to look at."

LSU is the biggest loser in this situation. If the Tigers were to win out, there's a fairly good chance LSU wouldn't head to Atlanta if Alabama were to be a one-loss SEC team.

LSU should take the risk and play this game. 

Yes, that means giving up home revenue and commit to a murderer's row schedule that features Alabama, Arkansas, Florida and Texas A&M with the final three all being road games. 

What do you have to lose?

LSU's buyout for the South Alabama game is covered and so is lost revenue via the SEC insurance policy. 

I don't buy the excuse that LSU can't play this game. Florida played hard ball to not make a game in Baton Rouge happen. Now, LSU is going to try that same thing.

Unless LSU feels it can get the tiebreaker changed to head-to-head, there's very little reason not to play this game.

LSU is likely to be even fresher now heading into the Ole Miss and Alabama games having not played this game. Win those and you're looking at a heck of a shot to get to Atlanta even with the tough finale.

Florida got to play hard ball about moving the game, now LSU get its turn.

It's a question if the SEC will take control now. Only time will tell.

2017 LSU defensive line commit talks Missouri game
Billy Embody - SCOUT

By: Billy Embody

2017 Baton Rouge (La.) Catholic High defensive end Aaron Moffitt and LSU commit talked about his recent experience at LSU's first game with Ed Orgeron patrolling the sidelines. The defense stood out to Moffitt, but it was pretty cool for him to watch his old teammate Derrius Guice run for three touchdowns.

"Coach Aranda again proved why we needed him to be a part of the team. They only gave up seven points. He's proved so much and coaching his butt off. The defense has been playing their butts off. He just proved what he can do" Moffitt said. "I just thought they played pretty hard. They're kind of the heart of the team with the DBs. They're the hardest workers. Watching Arden Key make a bunch of plays. He's really exciting."

Offensively, LSU made major improvements and that impressed Moffitt as well.

"On the offensive side, I think coach Ensminger called a great game. I don't pay as much attention to the offense as the defense, but seeing one of my past teammate score three touchdowns, that was cool. I really thought they played with a lot of energy."

Before the game, Moffitt watched the LSU staff including his dad, strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt fire up the team.

"I listened to my dad (Tommy Moffitt) fire them up. I was in the locker room before the game and they were pretty pumped up. The energy is just really good to see because of everything they've been through. Really want to do good for the whole LSU fan base. It's awesome to see."

One of the biggest differences for Moffitt was how loose the team was under Orgeron.

"They've always been excited to play because I wouldn't know who wouldn't want to be excited to play for LSU, but they're more relaxed and not so caught up in messing up. They're just out there to have fun. I think Coach O preaches that a lot, but at the same time, go all out," Moffitt said. "One thing I've been hearing from the players is it's a lot less during the week and they feel more energetic. They're just ready to play."

Jabbar Juluke was the first coach to reach out to him before he talked with Orgeron following Miles' firing. He hopes the LSU team can finish strong following a disappointing start.

"He just told me, we're not the type of team to back down. We've got to make something good come out of this. It's important that we don't give up. They said we're going to hit the ground running," Moffitt said. "I hope they can win out. Going to a good bowl game and ending better than how coach Miles left it would be really huge to see."

His senior year is going well, saying the game is slowing down for him as he gets more experience.

"It's going good. I've been playing really well. My team has been playing really well. We're just trying to win a state championship," Moffitt said. "I think I've just got to know the game more, playing varsity. Seeing how I've matured as a player."

Moffitt said he'll be back on campus for all the games the rest of the season.

2017 LSU hoops commit talks visit, recruiting others
Galen Alexander

By: Billy Embody

2017 Lafayette (La.) Christian wing and LSU commit Galen Alexander has seen LSU's staff around his open gyms and this past weekend when LSU played Missouri, Alexander made the trip to campus to see the staff and hang out with other recruits.

"It was good. I went down with Brandon Rachal and kind of recruiting and trying to get him to commit. It was good just hanging out with the team and going to the game," Alexander said.

Alexander has been working four-star wing Brandon Rachal, who announces his college choice next Wednesday. The two friends would pair well on the wing or as guards in LSU's backcourt.

"I'm real confident. I don't know for sure. I don't know what's going on in his head. I know he's going to make the right decision. I think he's going to stay home and be a Tiger too. I'm just waiting to see," Alexander said. "With Brandon, I've just been telling him to just be at home. There's nothing like being at home. You playing for coaches who truly care about you at all times."

The staff is telling Alexander that they want the pair to be versatile and play multiple positions for the Tigers.

"Same position, both wings. We can play multiple positions and defend multiple positions. That's what they want us to do and be able to come in and do. We're both positionless guys that can play everywhere. It'd be good to have him come in with me."

Alexander continues to be impressed with LSU's fan base and atmosphere, but also how hard the team works.

"Just the whole environment with how hard the fans go and just being with the team. I like the connection with the team. I've been knowing those guys for years," Alexander said. "One thing I really notice is how hard the guys really work. Me being there, almost every weekend, I see how hard they work everyday. They work out real hard. I've been noticing all the little things."

Johnny Jones and Robert Kirby want Alexander to stay aggressive and work on his rebounding and defense. Alexander recognizes that he's gotten better at that and that's the key to him playing early.

"They're just trying to fill in all the little gaps so when I get on campus, there's less things they'd have to coach me through. Really just rebounding. They said I can score with the best of them, but if I can rebound, then I can really play next year. That's one thing they've been preaching to me a lot."

Alexander is excited for his senior season and to also get on campus and go to work for LSU.

"Just coming in and trying to make an impact. We came up short last year, but we're just trying to get that championship. We're not settling for anything less." 

Local defensive lineman happy Orgeron got interim job

Gene Swindoll, Gene's Page

By: Billy Embody

2017 East Ascension defensive lineman Justin Harris took in Ed Orgeorn's first game as head coach against Missouri and was impressed with LSU's former defensive line coach.

"I got to talk to Coach O for the first time this year. I'm excited he got the job. I was closer to him than I was with coach Miles," Harris said. "Him being a defensive line coach and me working with him this summer, we just built a relationship more than me and coach Miles. I was just working with him at every camp they had."

The biggest thing that stands out about Orgeron? His energy, of course.

"He's a people person. He just told me wherever I go, I'll end up being a Tiger. I like his excitement he brings to the table and he's just a fun person to talk to."

While Harris was being looked at as a tight end under Miles, Orgeron sees the current UCF commit as a potential defensive lineman too.

"When coach Miles was there, they wanted me to run routes and do the gauntlet. I haven't played tight end this season. With Coach O knowing I was at defensive line, with all the camps, I was probably No. 1 out of all the reps. He likes me at defensive end. He said he'd really have fun teaching me. I think that's a possibility."

The Tigers impressed Harris with their ability to tune out all the noise and go out and play.

"Knowing that coach Miles got fired and they didn't settle for less and knowing that Coach O had a plan for them and they went out and played." 

Newly promoted coach Dennis Johnson has been in contact with Harris and said he'll likely watch his game this week.

"Just telling me to keep working. He said he'll probably be at my game this week. I love him. He always seems like he can get it going," Harris said. 

Harris' East Ascension squad is 0-4, but looking to bounce back as the team comes together.

"We getting it together. We're 0-4 now. Hopefully, we have the chemistry back, but we plan on winning district and putting the past behind us," Harris said. 

Harris will visit UCF next week and Houston for an official visit on Oct. 29 when the Cougars take on UCF.


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